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Sul Ross State University continues to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.  The overwhelming consensus from medical experts, government officials, and health care professionals indicates that the circumstances change rapidly and requires purposeful action to promote social distancing.

Sul Ross will maintain this page to answer frequently asked questions and provide the most up-to-date information and guidance.

University business must continue as we still have essential tasks to complete.  Supervisors should be flexible with work schedules and leave for the remainder of the 2020 spring semester and practice social distancing within offices.  The University is closed to the public beginning March 17 but will still allow some employees to work on campus to ensure access to necessary equipment and technology.  All University buildings are closed to the public and only authorized personnel will have access. Supervisors will analyze job functions to determine whether some jobs may be performed remotely. For offices whose staff are working remotely, please make sure to forward your office calls to the appropriate cell number or plan to check your messages frequently.

The following are frequently asked questions from faculty, staff, and students.  If you have additional questions specific to your department or division, please contact your supervisor or division head.

If you have a question about SRSU’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to hear them.  You can submit your questions through this form:


What is the current schedule for reopening Sul Ross?2020-05-06T21:35:10+00:00

Phase I – Sul Ross will remain under Emergency Operations until May 30. This will include building closures to the public, remote work and flexible schedules for employees, and continued social distancing protocols. Other than essential employees, all Sul Ross faculty and staff should continue to work remotely, for now. During this extended closure, divisions heads and supervisors will work on plans to bring employees back to campus.

Phase II – Emergency Operations will end on June 1 and the University will initiate a return-to-campus process. At this time, employees not approved for working remotely will begin to physically return to campus for regular business operations. Employees working under a telecommute agreement may continue to work remotely unless otherwise instructed by supervisors. Some university buildings will be open to the public or will allow for authorized visitors only. Offices will limit the number of visitors permitted, to practice social distancing. Division heads and supervisors will develop protocols that address the number of visitors that offices may safely admit.

Phase III – On July 1, the University will enter its final phase and will begin “normal” operations. All buildings will be open to the public and the majority of university employees will return to campus for regular business operations. Division heads and supervisors will remain in close contact to monitor safe working conditions.

What fees will be charged for Summer courses?2020-05-06T21:36:35+00:00

Summer I and II classes will be delivered online. Students will be charged regular tuition and fees, including the distance learning fee per credit hour and will receive an institutional aid award to fully offset the distance learning fee. Traditional residential campus-based fees, such as recreational sports fee, medical fee and student center fee will be waived. This action is consistent with other universities in the Texas State University System.

What are the frequently used offices at Sul Ross and who should I contact if I have a question?2020-03-25T14:38:10+00:00

The list below shows frequently used offices but please go to to search for a specific individual to find directory information.

University Office Phone Number Contact Name Email Address
University Police Dept. 432.837.8100
– call may go to APD dispatch
Isabella Hernandez
President’s Office 432.837.8000 President’s Staff
Academic Affairs (Colleges & Department) 432.837.8036 Lori Conant
Academic Support Center 432.837.8816 Amy Fields
Accounting Services 432.837.8790 Corina Ramirez
Admissions 432.837.8126 or
Admissions Staff
ARAMARK Dining Services 432.294.4058 John Howle
Budget & Finance 432.837.8076 ofc
432.386.2307 cell
Chris Clifford
Counseling Center 432.837.3373 PermiaCare Mental Health
Enrollment Management 432.837.8432 Janice Valenzuela
Financial Aid 432.837.8050 FA Staff
Human Resources 432.837.8058 HR Staff
Institutional Effectiveness 432.837.8395 Jeanne Qvarnstrom
Lobo Technology Assistance 432.837.8888 On Call Tech
Purchasing 432.837.8040 Martha Abrego
Registrar 432.837.8050 Registrar Staff
Residential Living 432.837.8190 Housing Staff
Small Business Development Center – Alpine 830-776-2246 Liz Pena
Student Health Services 432.837.8102 John Hughes
Student Life Office 432.837.8037 Alyssa Coppens
Texas Book Company 432.837.8747 Bookstore Staff
University Office Phone Number Contact Name Email Address
President’s Office – Alpine 432.837.8000 President’s Staff
Academic Affairs – Alpine
(Colleges & Departments
432.837.8036 Lori Conant
Admissions (EP) 830.758.5009 Aurora Gonzalez
Admissions (UV) 830.279.3029 Aryel Ramirez
Business Services (DR-EP-UV) 830.703.4801 (DR)
830.758.5042 (EP)
830.279.3006 (UV)
Business Services Staff
Counseling Services 210-253-0884
(Todd Russell – Professor of Counseling)
Counseling Mentors MRGC Mental Health Resources for Students
Dean’s Office (UV) 830.279.3023 Paulette Harris
Dean’s Office (UV) 830.279.3002 Jazell Diaz
Dean’s Office (DR) 830.703.4821 Karla Flores
Dean’s Office (EP) 830.758.5004 Bianca Vela
Education Department 830.279.3021 Monica Gutierrez
Financial Aid (DR-EP-UV) 830-758-5021 Lucio Garcia-Zuazua
Lobo Technology Assistance (DR-EP-UV) 830.703.4899 On Call Tech
Registrar 830.758.5041 (EP) Melissa Urrabazo
Small Business Development Center
– Middle Rio Grande
830-776-2246 Liz Pena
Student Services (EP) 830.758.5037 Juan Tamez
Student Services (DR) 830.703.4816 Ulisses Gallegos
Student Service (UV) 830.279.3027 Derek Serrano
Teacher Certification 830.279.3031 Gina Stocks
How is the Sul Ross Mass Email system being used during the current situation?2020-03-25T14:41:09+00:00

The seriousness of the situation surrounding COVID-19 requires the university to provide quick, relevant, and at times urgent information for students and university employees.  The current usage of the Sul Ross mass email system that includes the following list serves FS-ALL, FS-ALP, FS-RGC, STU-ALL, STU-ALP, STU-RGC often can be seen by recipients as undesired email or Spam due to the quantity of messages that individuals receive on a daily basis.  Given the current situation, the university is enacting a strict mass email policy.  Effective March 6, 2020, the list serve mentioned above will only be used for messages by university offices to send communications necessary for normal business operations.  These mass email messages will generally include:

  • Announcements or information from university executive officers.
  • Information that directly relates to the continuance of University business.
  • Alerts regarding campus community health and safety issues.
  • Information that relates to changes in University policy or time sensitive procedures.
Do I still need to come to campus to work?2020-03-19T19:15:05+00:00

That depends on your circumstances. Some offices require specific equipment or technology that will require certain employees to work from campus. Those offices should practice social distancing and take all precautions to keep unauthorized personnel out of the workplace. Some employees will be eligible to work remotely and in consultation with supervisors will be given appropriate and available equipment to perform work remotely. University employees will have access to buildings but most doors will be locked to the public. If you do not have a key to enter the building, you may need to call UDPS or SWTJC PD for assistance. You may visit with your supervisor to determine if a building key can be issued to you. While working on campus, you should have your office door closed and locked with a sign indicating that the office is closed to visitors and contact numbers to reach office staff in that department. Again, the building will be closed to the public, but other employees working in the building may need to reach other departments for assistance.

How is the University promoting remote work?2020-03-23T15:54:03+00:00

Supervisors are strongly encouraged to show flexibility with work schedules including but not limited to flexible hours and when needed offer remote work from home and support for employees with children or elderly family members at home. Supervisors in collaboration with division heads are reviewing essential business operations that must continue during this unprecedented time. Some employees may work on campus with little to no physical public engagement to promote social distancing. Some employees will work remotely based on their job duties. Others will receive emergency leave due to the nature of their positions that do not allow work from home. The University’s goal is to follow CDC guidelines and limit large number of employees from returning to campus. Additionally, supervisors are asked to use video or teleconferencing to engage with employees as needed. To access the telecommuting forms go to:

What does emergency leave mean?2020-05-06T17:55:42+00:00

For the purposes of this situation, the State of Texas authorized all administrative heads of state agencies and institutions of higher education to grant leave to employees during an emergency. The Texas Governor recently declared the COVID-19 situation as a state of disaster which authorized state agencies to use reasonable means necessary to cope with this disaster. For the State of Texas resolution click the following link:

At Sul Ross this means that the President is authorized to allow emergency leave until further notice while we actively work to find solutions to continue our higher education mission. We will continue to monitor the actions by the state of Texas and provide new information as it becomes available. Our primary goal continues to be that our employees are paid on time and do not use personal leave at this time.

Does my supervisor need to approve my telecommuting to work remotely?2020-03-19T19:15:39+00:00

Yes, all requests for telecommuting must be approved by each department supervisor. And as of March 16, 2020, all employees whose jobs allow remote work are encouraged to seek approval from supervisors to telecommute.

Will I be given access to equipment like laptops or virtual private network (VPN) access to continue my work from home?2020-03-19T19:15:46+00:00

There is a limited supply of laptops available. The OIT staff are evaluating the number and supervisors will determine who requires the equipment to conduct university business remotely. VPN access will be given to specific categories of employees based on supervisor recommendations. Requests for equipment should be submitted through LTAC.

If my job must be performed on campus and cannot be done remotely but my supervisor asked me to stay home, will I receive paid leave?2020-03-19T19:13:08+00:00

Yes, employees who cannot perform job functions except while on campus like custodians, grounds keepers, etc. will continue to receive emergency leave but may be called in for limited work if needed and the employee is able. Once employees return to campus, they should ensure that all forms are completed and turned in to the Human Resources Office.

If I feel unsafe and decide to self-isolate for my and my family’s protection, will I still be required to work?2020-03-19T19:29:08+00:00

The University is actively promoting social distancing. If an employee is able to work remotely, we ask that you continue to do so and regularly check in with your supervisor. If your job does not allow for remote work, you will be given emergency leave until further notice. The University expects employees to honorably self-monitor your ability to continue working. The circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic are concerning but business must continue for the University to remain current and not fall behind our work when we are able to return.

Can part-time staff and hourly student workers work from home and be paid for hours worked?2020-03-19T19:30:00+00:00

Yes, as long as supervisors approve the work, they may continue to provide their service to the university. It will be imperative for departments to find creative solutions for all areas of work that must still be processed during this time.

If I normally pick up my paycheck from campus, how will I receive it if the university remains closed?2020-03-19T20:39:37+00:00

Checks will be mailed to your mailing address on your W-4 forms for the next payroll distribution on April 1, 2020. Direct deposits will continue to be made according to our regular schedule. If you are not enrolled for direct deposit, contact Human Resources at 432.837.8058 or to enroll today. We will move to direct deposits as soon as we are able for all employees to prevent delays with pay checks and will have more instructions for employees soon.

Will I need to use sick leave if I must self-quarantine or contract the virus?2020-03-19T19:32:52+00:00

At this point, the University will remain on emergency leave but the situation changes rapidly. The use of sick leave or other leave may become necessary in the future but at this time, we will continue to use emergency leave for employees who cannot work.

If I contract the virus or a member of my household contracts the virus, what should I do?2020-03-19T19:34:14+00:00

You should immediately contact your medical provider. Stay home and avoid contact with others. Please self-report to your supervisor and Health Services Center so that the University can take additional precautions to disinfect shared spaces and prevent additional spread.

I am concerned that I will be ostracized and people will treat me differently, why should I self-report and risk the stigma?2020-03-19T19:35:20+00:00

The spread of the infection appears to occur rapidly and may go unnoticed. Please understand that we value your privacy but we also want to ensure that we are taking precautions for the health and safety of the community. We must all do our part to avoid spreading the infection including reporting our status when necessary.

I traveled recently through airports or other public transportation, should I come to work?2020-05-07T14:25:02+00:00

Under Governor Abbott’s Executive Order, the mandatory 14-day quarantine for travelers was lifted except for individuals traveling through certain airports.

Detailed information is available here:

I traveled recently in a personal vehicle to an area that is now identified as high risk, should I come to work?2020-05-07T14:23:17+00:00

All university employees may travel unrestricted without a requirement to self-quarantine unless you feel sick or display symptoms associated with COVID-19. If so, please contact your medical provider and your supervisor and remain in contact during quarantine. If you or anyone in close contact with you tests positive for the virus, please report that to your supervisor so that the university may take additional precautions to clean work areas.

What if I become sick at work, can my supervisor make me leave? What if I refuse to leave?2020-03-19T19:39:27+00:00

Yes, you must leave. In extreme cases, you may be escorted off the property. Again, all employees need to understand that we are putting the collective good ahead of one individual to lessen the exposure of the virus.

Should I ask screening questions to people who enter my office seeking services or assistance?2020-03-19T19:42:07+00:00

All university offices should remain locked and only allow authorized personnel to enter but if someone enters without permission, you should ask the following questions before providing assistance and while practicing social distance. You should also have a sign on your door that tells visitors that the office is closed and has contact information for people who need assistance to get in touch with the office staff:

  1. Have you travelled outside of the city in the past 7 days?
  2. Did you travel into high risk areas or use public transportation (airline, bus, train, etc.?) in the past seven (7) days?
  3. To your knowledge, have you or members of your household been in contact with someone who has COVID-19?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, employees should maintain social distance, display professionalism and compassion and ask the person to leave the area but offer them the opportunity call or email their questions.

What if employees in the workplace refuse to work with or help a person they believe may have COVID-19?2020-03-19T19:42:45+00:00

The University will keep outer entrance doors locked and will only allow access to authorized personnel into the buildings but in the event that someone unauthorized like a student or member of the public enters, please use the following guidelines. Employees are asked to use their best judgement in interacting with others they believe display symptoms or self-disclose that they travelled from a high risk area. While maintaining social distancing and displaying professionalism and compassion, ask the person the relevant questions as described above and/or ask the person to the leave the area and call/email instead for help. Supervisors must be ready to exercise judgement in support of employees in these cases.

If the Governor or other government official calls for shelter in place or shuts state buildings and/or services or if the President shuts down the university unilaterally, will everything be closed like a snow day with pay? Will essential services or a skeleton crew still be required?2020-03-19T19:43:41+00:00

Essential services are typically required under all circumstances. Given the uniqueness of this situation, it will be important for employees to monitor their official Sul Ross email as more communication comes out.

If the city or county in which I live calls for an emergency self-quarantine or issues other guidelines, which should I follow, the University or local government officials?2020-03-19T19:44:31+00:00

The local government officials will utilize local health experts and data that may be unavailable to the University. You should follow the guidelines provided by your local government and inform your supervisor.

If I am a student worker (hourly or graduate assistant) do I need to come back to campus or will I still be paid if I am not on campus?2020-03-19T19:45:09+00:00

Some departments have student workers working remotely similar to full-time employees to continue business operations. We are suspending normal university policies related to requirements for students to receive their pay checks. At this time, students will be paid emergency leave for at least the week of March 16-20, and that may be extended pending state guidelines. Supervisors will continue to assess students’ ability to perform remote work or to have limited students on campus and will provide recommendations for future payments. If students are not currently living on-campus, we encourage them to remain at their current off-campus living arrangement whether at home with family or otherwise, until further notice.

I am not ill but my school district closed for an extended break or until further notice, and I am my child or children’s primary caretaker. Am I permitted to remain on emergency leave or will I need take annual/sick leave?2020-03-19T19:45:51+00:00

The President authorized emergency leave for employees unable to come to work due to self-quarantine or need to remain at home because of children or elderly in the household. The University will continue to seek guidance from the state to determine emergency leave limits and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

I am not ill but I am the primary caretaker of an elderly family member, am I permitted to remain on emergency leave or will I need take annual/sick leave?2020-03-19T19:46:43+00:00

The President authorized emergency leave for employees unable to come to work due to self-quarantine or need to remain at home because of children or elderly in the household. The University will continue to seek guidance from the state to determine emergency leave limits and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

If my child’s school or daycare was closed due to COVID-19 Pandemic, may I bring my children to work?2020-03-19T19:49:50+00:00

Our policy does not allow for children at work, however, given the unprecedented nature of the situation, we are giving the option to supervisors, in extremely limited circumstances, to allow employees to bring children to work. Approval must be given in advance before employees bring children to offices. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to provide flexible schedules and remote work possibilities, to minimize the need for bringing children to work and to promote social distancing. The university reserves the right to ask employees to leave if children become too much of a distraction to conduct university business. Employees who perform functions that may be delayed and do not have urgent deadlines will be encouraged to remain home with their children.

Is the Sul Ross Childcare Center going to open up next week on March 23rd?2020-03-19T19:50:32+00:00

No, at this time, the daycare will remain closed due to limited staff and state requirements. If that changes, we will communicate the change to the community. Additionally, opening the center would further expose people to the possibility of infection.

Has the University shut down for the rest of the semester?2020-03-19T19:51:19+00:00

University offices are closed to the public until further notice. Only authorized personnel will be allowed entrance to the buildings. Business operations will continue with limited staff on campus and by remote work. Individuals needing assistance may call for help and schedule virtual appointments. The University is discouraging face-to-face meetings and will only conduct business virtually until further notice.

Will the University be open to campus tours?2020-03-19T19:51:53+00:00

No, the University will be closed to the public until further notice. Only authorized personnel will be allowed entrance to the buildings. We discourage any visitors from coming to campus and ask that recruits contact our Enrollment Specialists at 432.837.8050 to schedule visits for a later date.

Will the University Dining Services be open to the public?2020-03-19T19:52:37+00:00

No, ARAMARK will only serve students who live on campus until further notice. The dining hall will not be open to the public and we will actively discourage gatherings in the area.

If I booked an external event on campus, like a conference or meeting, will I still be able to hold my event? If not, will I get a refund?2020-03-19T19:53:25+00:00

No, all public events whether university sponsored or not are cancelled until further notice. The federal government issued guidelines that indicate we should NOT hold gatherings or participate in gathering of 10 or more people. Sul Ross is following those strict guidelines to assist in flattening the curve at the university level. External entities that booked a venue will be issued a refund as soon as possible. All University sponsored events are cancelled until further notice. All university buildings are closed to the public and only authorized personnel will be allowed entrance to the buildings.

Will I receive a refund for my classes since I paid for a face-to-face format?2020-03-19T19:55:00+00:00

While the University understands that many students did not enroll for remote delivery of classes, we are committed to ensuring that the quality of education continues during this emergency situation. Our focus is to ensure that academic progress continues in order to keep students on track to graduate. The University is studying the situation in consultation with the Texas State University System.

Will I receive a refund if I am not coming back to university housing?2020-03-19T19:55:45+00:00

The University is studying the situation in consultation with the Texas State University System. As decisions are made, we will send out information.

When can I pick up my belongings from University Housing?2020-05-06T16:35:41+00:00

All residents are asked to contact Res Life at 432-837-8190 to schedule end-of-term checkouts.

What will happen to my belongings while they are in my university housing?2020-05-06T16:36:23+00:00

If you have not officially checked out of your res hall assignment, please contact Res Life at 432-837-8190 for options by Thursday, May 7, 2020, as some of the buildings will be closing for the summer.

Will mail still be available through the University Post Office?2020-03-19T19:59:51+00:00

The University Post Office receives mail from the main Post Office in Alpine. The Alpine Post Office is closely following CDC guidelines regarding the Coronavirus, the USPS issued a statement about their precautions. The University Post Office will remain open from 8AM until Noon each business day (M-F). Post office boxes will remain available while the University Center is open from 8AM – 8PM. The University Post Office will not deliver to or pick up mail from departments. Departments are asked to pick up mail from the University Post Office until further notice.

Will May 2020 Graduation be cancelled?2020-03-19T20:00:30+00:00

Yes, all activities surrounding graduation including the Honors Induction Ceremonies in departments, the Scholars Luncheon, the Alumni Ring Ceremony and the Commencement Exercises are cancelled for May. Students who complete requirements for graduation in May 2020 will graduate and receive their diploma through the mail and transcripts will be available by request at that time. We encourage students to participate in the December commencement ceremony and activities, pending any COVID-19 developments that may prohibit the activities.

Are counseling services available for students even if they are not on campus?2020-05-06T16:33:57+00:00

Confidential Zoom Counseling is now available for Alpine campus students who are still in Texas.  Please review the Counseling section of the website or call 432-837-8203 for more information.  For the Middle Rio Grande communities, please reach out to the numerous mental health mentors at the following webpage:

Will Athletics and Sports programs continue and allow practice for the spring?2020-03-19T20:04:01+00:00

No, all sports have been cancelled for the remainder of the semester. The University will not hold or travel to any competitions for Intercollegiate Athletics, Recreation Intramural Sports, and Rodeo.

Is the Testing Center open for students who need to take SAT/ACT or other required tests?2020-03-19T20:04:49+00:00

No, the center is also closed to the public until further notice. University officials notified the College Board so that they can contact testers with additional instructions.

Is University travel still permitted?2020-03-19T20:05:21+00:00

The University is cancelling all travel plans both domestically and internationally until further notice. Any exceptions to this directive must be approved by supervisors and executive staff.

I have a citizen pass to the Recreation Sports Center, will I receive a refund since the building is closed?2020-03-19T20:05:57+00:00

We will evaluate the situation and provide information as it becomes available.

Are Residential Living (Housing) buildings open?2020-07-10T20:45:48+00:00

Residential Facilities are being prepared for occupancy in the fall semester. Residents will receive emails with instructions on when and how they can complete the move-in process. Please note that there are specific standards and expectations due to concerns related to COVID-19.

Is the cafeteria open?2020-03-21T22:45:38+00:00

The cafeteria is open to on-campus residents only. Residents will be served by cafeteria staff and receive a to-go box to take with you.

Can I stay on campus?2020-07-10T20:46:42+00:00

On-campus housing is available this fall. Make sure you have completed your housing application and submitted your application fee to progress in the process. You will receive updates via your SRSU email.

Can I have visitors?2020-07-10T20:54:45+00:00

No. For safety precautions, visitation by anyone who does not live in your specific building is not allowed in the facility. Of the residents in your building, a maximum of five people (including the residents) can be in a res hall unit at the same time. All other gatherings should be held outside (limited to gatherings of 6) or held via social media, Zoom, Skype, etc. To reserve space for club meetings or study groups (all expected attendees must reside in requested building), please contact Res Life ( or 432-837-8190) to reserve study rooms or lounges. For larger meetings, contact Campus Activities to reserve a space at 432-837-8191.

What was decided about refunds/credits?2020-07-10T20:49:49+00:00

The deadline to request refund/credit expired on April 10th, 2020.

All who have completed the appropriate steps to request the funds (explained in emails sent to your university email account) have already been refunded. Though credits for fall were the original intention, the university acknowledged the current need and dispersed the refunds early.

When can I move in?2020-07-10T20:57:25+00:00

Students who have completed the housing application process (submitted app and paid app fee) will receive emails notifying them of their assigned day/time to move in. We appreciate your understanding as we regulate this process in respect to social distancing and avoiding COVID-19 potentials. We ask that you make all efforts to move-in at your assigned time. If this is unavoidable, please contact Residential Living by email at in advance to explain your situation. With social distancing standards, we will not be able to accommodate many requests, so please be prepared to make hotel reservations, if this is the case. Please pay attention to the details and requirements in your move-in email, wear a mask, and wash your hands often during the move-in process.

Who do I contact for more housing information?2020-03-21T23:32:03+00:00

For more information contact the Sul Ross Residential Living Staff at 432.837.8190 or

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