ADA Education and Policy Committee


The committee is charged with developing recommendations related to accommodations and an appropriate institutional response to ADA issues and to:

  1. Organize and oversee the ADA educational programs.
  2. Ensure that the ADA policy remains consistent with current information from public health authorities.
  3. Provide a mechanism for making ADA policy decisions.
  4. Serve as educational resources on general information about ADA, HIV and AIDS.
  5. Evaluate individual needs which become known to the ADA Coordinator and/or Counseling and Prevention Services and make recommendations to address those needs.

Primary Responsibility Area: Alpine Campus – Student Life


Committee shall consist of 8 members appointed by the President, including a student representative (and an alternate), two members of the faculty nominated by the Faculty Assembly and the following five ex officio members: an instructor in vocational nursing, Director of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction, Director of Human Resources, Disability Services Coordinator, and the Health Services Coordinator.

Term: three-year

Chair: elected by membership

Membership (as of Fall 2019) Expiration of Term
Dr. Bibi Gutierrez, Behavioral and Social Sciences

Dr. Jamie Boyd, Animal Science