Faculty Assembly Executive Council


The Faculty Assembly Executive Council shall oversee the general interests and business of the Faculty Assembly. The Faculty Assembly Executive Council may act for the faculty between meetings, but no action of the council may conflict with any action already taken by the Faculty Assembly. In accordance with Faculty Assembly Constitution and Bylaws, the Executive Council shall also:

  1. Prepare the agenda for Faculty Assembly meetings
  2. Serve as a nominating committee for Faculty Assembly elections
  3. Conduct Faculty Assembly elections
  4. Serve as a clearinghouse for Faculty Assembly business and see that business is assigned to the appropriate council
  5. Review the structure and workings of the Faculty Assembly Councils and recommend any modifications to the Faculty Assembly
  6. Recommend faculty appointees to the President for various University Committees other than the Faculty Assembly Councils
  7. Prepare a budget for the Faculty Assembly
  8. Review and make recommendations to the Chief Academic Officer (Provost) of the University concerning revision of the Faculty Handbook
  9. Nominate an at-large member of the Faculty Assembly Executive Council to represent the faculty on the Academic Committee
  10. Represent the Faculty as commencement ceremonies, convocations, and other University ceremonies with the Faculty Assembly Executive Council President serving as mace bearer for the University

Primary Responsibility Area: Faculty


Membership of the Faculty Assembly Executive Council is elected by the Faculty Assembly and shall consist of seven members: four officers of the Faculty Assembly and three at-large members.

Term: At-large members serve three-year terms; Officers serve two-year terms

Membership as of Spring 2021
Expiration of Term
President Dr. Kathy Stein, Arts and Sciences

Vice President Dr. Theron Francis, Arts and Sciences

Secretary-Treasurer Betsy Evans, Bryan Wildenthal Memorial Library

Parliamentarian Dr. Eric Funasaki, Arts and Sciences

At-Large Member Dr. Christopher Herrera, Education and Professional Studies

At-Large Member Dr. David Leaver, Arts and Sciences

At-Large Member Dr. Dexter Wakefield, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences