Department Chairs Council


The Department Chairs Council will cultivate an environment of academic support and excellence by increasing communication among the academic department chairs on the Alpine campus. This council will create a forum for department chairs to discuss, develop, and make recommendations to improve academic, budgetary, and staffing challenges. Recommendations shall be made to the Faculty Assembly, the Deans, the Provost, and/or the President.

Primary Responsibility Area



Membership of the Department Chairs Council shall consist of all academic department chairs at the Alpine campus.


Indefinite, consistent with department chair title


Elected by membership

Ex-Officio Members [updated Fall 2018]
Dr. Angela Brown, Computer Science and Mathematics

Dr. Christopher Estepp, Animal Science and Industrial Technology

Dr. William Green, Business Administration

Dr. Jim Hector, Kinesiology and Human Performance

Dr. Ryan Luna, Natural Resource Management

Dr. Laura Payne, Languages and Literature

Dr. Christopher Ritzi, Biology, Geology, and Physical Sciences

Marjorie Scott, Fine Arts and Communication

Dr. Kathy Stein, Academic Center for Excellence

Dr. Barbara Tucker, Education

Dr. Mark Saka, Behavioral and Social Sciences

Eliza Ware, Homeland Security and Criminal Justice