The SRSU Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews and approves research proposals from faculty and students that require the participation of human subjects. The IRB ensures research at SRSU is conducted following ethical principles and in compliance with federal, state and university regulations governing research activity.

The SRSU IRB provides oversight of research that involves human subjects by:

  • Protecting the rights, welfare and well-being of human research participants recruited to participated in research conducted by SRSU faculty and students.
  • Ensures compliance with relevant local, state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Ensures compliance with SRSU policies and regulations (under development)
  • Provides guidance to ensure sound research design, scientific integrity and determining if the research contributes to generalizable knowledge and is worth exposing subjects to risks.
  • Ensures adherence to the ethical principles outlined in the Belmont report:
    • Respect for persons
      • Individuals should be treated as autonomous agents
      • Persons with diminished autonomy are entitled to protection
    • Beneficence
      • Do no harm and maximize possible benefits and minimize possible harms
      • Efforts must be made to secure the research subjects well-being
    • Justice
      • Fairness in distribution of benefits and risk
      • Who ought to receive the benefits of research and bears its burdens?

If you are planning a research project that involves human subjects and need additional information, please contact:

Forms and Documents

IRB Protocol Form

IRB Sample Consent Form

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IRB Members

IRB Chair

Deborah Derden, M.S.
Director for Institutional Research
Office for Institutional Effectiveness

IRB Member

Maria Gear, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor of Education
Middle Rio Grande Campuses

IRB Member

Bibiana Gutierrez, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Behavioral & Social Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences

IRB Member

Jimmy Case, Ph.D.
Professor of Political Science
Behavioral & Social Sciences

IRB Member

Christopher Herrera, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & Department Chair
Kinesiology & Human Performance

IRB Member

Larry Francell
Non-SRSU-Affiliated Representative