Is there something you do really well, have studied, or have experience with? Would you like to share your knowledge with others? Maybe you know where to start, maybe you don’t, either way, our office wants to help you host a successful professional development session. 
Professional Development Session Planning and Assistance Form (link)
Interested in putting on a professional development session for faculty and/or staff? Fill out this form to get more attendees and exposure for your event.  
Professional Development Attendance Record Form (link) 
Make it easy on attendees and our office by taking and submitting attendance for the sessions you present. Would you rather issue certificates for attendance? Contact us for a standardized certificate that attendees can upload for themselves. 
Professional Development Session Best Practices 
Professional Development best practices build upon one another. Consider the items below before planning any session.
       Session Descriptions: be creative with a title, but be precise in describing what employees will learn at your workshop. 
       Audience: consider who you will be presenting to and format the workshop to that audience’s needs; one-size-fits-all usually doesn’t work. 
       Content: offer impactful content based on audience needs; deliver content in manageable chunks and stay focused. 
       Publicity: should you publicize on the PD calendar, with Media and Pubs, or on your social media site? It all depends on who you want to attend. 
       Time Management: consider the goals of your workshop and set a timeframe and stick with it; never go over the time allotted.  
       Presentation Skills: brush up on your public speaking and PowerPoint skills prior to presenting.  
       Format: online and in-person workshops have very different feels; consider the content and audience (don’t forget our remote colleagues!) and decide on your format with that in mind. 
       Engagement: in any type of workshop, you should engage attendees. Consider your format, content, and attendance to decide on the best methods of engagement. 
       Cultural Competency: be culturally self-aware and value diversity in your presentation and with your audience. 
       Assessment: always assess your efforts in hosting a workshop and assess the learning that took place during the workshop. Need help creating a post-session survey? Contact us. 
       Attendance Records: keep track of who shows up to your workshop so that you can follow up with attendees later; consider submitting your attendance forms to our office (link). 
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