Executive Committee on Campus Master Plan Development


To consider and develop recommendations on all proposed construction or renovation projects. To assure that all construction and renovation projects are developed in accordance with the provisions and standards of the Campus Master Plan.

Primary Responsibility Area: All University


On basis of position.

Term: Continuing

Chair: Executive Vice President and Provost

Chair, Executive VP & Provost (Dr. Jim Case)
Vice President for Finance & Operations (Cesar Valenzuela)
Director, Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction (Scott Grubitz)
Vice President for External Affairs (Butch Worley)
Deans (Dr. Jay Downing, Dr. Rob Kinucan, Dr. Hamin Shabazz, April Aultman Becker)
Associate VP for University Services & Dean of Student Life (Leo Dominguez)
Faculty representatives (Dr. Ryan Luna, Scott Wasserman, Dona Roman)
Student Government representative (TBD)
Office of Information Technology (Greg Freidline)
Residential Living (Brad Gwatney)
Director of Administration (Yvonne Realivasquez)

Membership as of Spring 2020
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