Executive Committee on Efficiencies, Innovations, and Financial Priorities


To develop recommendations regarding processes, policies, strategic plans, and goals pertaining to: Efficiencies intended to reduce institutional expenses; Innovations intended to reduce institutional expenses or generate additional revenue; and Priorities for the expenditure of increased budgetary authority, over-realized unbudgeted revenue, or discretionary gift revenue.

Primary Responsibility Area: All University


On basis of position.

Term: Continuing

Chair: Executive Vice President and Provost and Vice President for Finance and Operations, Co-Chairs

Co-Chair, Executive Vice President & Provost (Dr. Jim Case)
Co-Chair, Vice President for Finance & Operations (Cesar Valenzuela)
Faculty (TBD)
Rio Grande College representative (TBD)
Staff Council representative (TBD)
Additional members (TBD)

Membership as of Spring 2020
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