ADA Education and Policy Team

About the Team

The ADA Education and Policy Team is charged with developing recommendations related to accommodations and an appropriate institutional response to ADA issues, as well as to organize and oversee the ADA educational programs. The team will ensure that the ADA policy remains consistent with current information from public health authorities and provide a mechanism for making ADA policy decisions. It will serve as an educational resource on general information about ADA, HIV, and AIDS, and evaluate individual needs as recommended to the ADA Coordinator and/or Counseling and Prevention Services, and make recommendations to address those needs.

Primary Responsibility Area: University-wide

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Membership as of Fall 2020
Brandy Snyder Dean of Students ex-officio
Karlin DeVoll, Co-Chair Director of Human Resources ex-officio
Becky Wren, Co-Chair Director of Counseling and Accessibility Services ex-officio
Angie Jones McGuyer Alpine Student Government Association Appointee through 2021
vacant RGC Student Government Association Appointee
Dr. Bibi Gutierrez, College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Assembly Appointee through 2021
Dr. Eric Busby, College of Education and Professional Studies Faculty Assembly Appointee through 2023
Dr. Verónica Méndez, Rio Grande College–Humanities Faculty Senate Appointee
Dr. Justin Coleman, Rio Grande College–Natural and Behavioral Sciences Faculty Senate Appointee
Dr. Geri Goosen Nursing Instructor