Freshman Leadership Program Selection Committee

About the Team

The responsibilities of the Freshman Leadership Program Selection Team are to review, evaluate, and rank all applications and supporting materials for the Freshman Leadership Program and San Antonio Livestock Exposition scholarship recipients. The team will present a recommendation of recipients and alternates to the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs. The number of scholarships to be awarded each year will be determined by the University Scholarship Committee and the President. The team will develop recommendations for guidelines and policy considerations regarding selection of participants.

Primary Responsibility Area: Alpine campus

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Membership as of Fall 2020
Brandy Snyder, Co-Chair Dean of Students ex-officio
Leo Dominguez, Co-Chair Vice President for Student Affairs ex-officio
Dr. Kathy Stein, Arts and Sciences Faculty Assembly Appointee through 2022
Dafne Westerlink  Office of Enrollment Services Appointee through 2021
Kara O’ Shaughnessy Office of Enrollment Management Appointee through 2021
Kensi Parker Student Representative – FLP Graduate through 2021
Henry Segovia Student Representative – FLP Graduate through 2021