Instructional Technology Advisory Team

About the Team 

The Instructional Technology Team acts as an advisory group to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with the following charges, including advising the CIO on significant technology trends that influence the teaching and learning processes; recommending priorities for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) through a review of academic technology proposals and recommendations submitted to OIT. The team reviews and recommend additions or changes to technology policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines that have an impact on the teaching and learning processes. The team will meet on a monthly basis during the long terms of each academic year.

Primary Responsibility Area: University-wide

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Membership as of Fall 2020
Dave Gibson, Chair Chief Information Officer ex-officio
Sabina Lozano Administrative Assistant for OIT ex-officio
Dominick Percoco Distance Education Coordinator ex-officio
George Hernandez Director of OIT for Rio Grande College ex-officio
Dr. Andrew Alegría Faculty Assembly Appointee from the College of Arts and Sciences through 2022
Dr. Jennifer Miller Faculty Assembly Appointee from the College of Education and Professional Studies through 2023
Dr. Ryan Luna Faculty Assembly Appointee from the College of Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences through 2021
Dr. Christopher Davis–Humanities Faculty Senate Appointee
Mike Fernandez Library Appointee