Risk Management Committee

About the Committee

The Risk Management Committee serves as an advisory group to be chaired by the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The committee may make recommendations for procedures and policies dealing with handling of volatile substances, their procurement, inventory level, storage, use, etc., training programs, detection and correction of unsafe conditions or practices, and other areas of concern on campus which deal with health, fire and safety.  The recommendations of the committee will be forwarded through the Risk Management Chair to the President of the University.  The Chair may make additional recommendations relative the committee’s report. 

Primary Responsibility Area: University-wide

Membership as of Fall 2020
Jacob Fuentes, Chair Chief Information Officer ex-officio
Scott Cupp Internal Auditor ex-officio
Karlin DeVoll Director of Human Resources ex-officio
Kent Dunegan Director of UDPS ex-officio
Gage Dowling  Director of Residential Living ex-officio
Bob Jacob Director of Facilities, Planning, and Operations ex-officio
John Hughes Coordinator of Health Services ex-officio
Dr. Geraldine Goosen, Director Bach Sci Nursing Faculty Assembly Appointee through 2023
Dr. Hong Young Chang, College of Agriculture, Life and Physical Sciences Faculty Assembly Appointee through 2024
Dr. Jay Downing, College of Literature, Arts and Social Sciences Faculty Assembly Appointee through 2022
Lindsey Hall Alpine Student Government Association Appointee through 2021
vacant RGC Student Government Association Appointee
Dr. Christopher Tresslar, Rio Grande College–Education Faculty Senate Representative