Undergraduate Academic Appeals Committee

About the Committees

The responsibilities of the Undergraduate Academic Appeals Committees are to make annual reviews and recommendations on University policies on academic probation and suspension. The committees will make recommendations on student appeals which may be referred to the committees by the Registrar. Students must make their appeals in writing by the established deadline and be willing to meet with the committee. Note that the RGC Committee, only, will review appeals from students who have been suspended.

Primary Responsibility Area: Alpine campus and RGC campuses independently

Quick Links and Documents

Alpine Membership as of Fall 2020
Pamela Pipes, Chair University Registrar ex-officio
Becky Wren Office of Counseling and Accessibility Services Appointee
Dr. Billy Jack Ray, College of Education and Professional Studies Faculty Assembly Appointee through 2023
Dr. Dexter Wakefield, College of Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Faculty Assembly Appointee through 2022
Dr. Mary-Elizabeth Thompson, College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Assembly Appointee through 2022
Carol Fairlie, College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Assembly Appointee through 2021
Brandy Snyder Dean of Students ex-officio
RGC Membership as of Fall 2020
Efrain Adames, Rio Grande College–Business Administration Faculty Senate Appointee through ????
Dr. Samuel Garcia, Rio Grande College–Education Faculty Senate Appointee
Dr. Jorge Hernandez, Rio Grande College–Humanities Faculty Senate Appointee
Melissa Urrabazo Staff Appointee
Claudia Portillo Staff Appointee