Student Publications Committee


The Student Publications Committee will determine the procedure for submitting applications for the positions of editor of The Brand, The Skyline, and The Sage. The committee will recommend to the appropriate advisor all policies and guidelines for The Brand, The Skyline, and The Sage.

Primary Responsibility Area: Alpine campus


Committee shall consist of 7 members appointed by the President, including 2 students nominated by the Student Government Association, 2 faculty members nominated by the Faculty Assembly, the Director of News and Publications, the Sage Sponsor, and the Student Publications Sponsor.

Term: 3-year and 1-year (student representatives)

Chair: Elected by membership

Membership as of Spring 2020 Expiration of Term
Marjie Scott, Fine Arts and Communication ex officio
Dr. Laura Payne, Languages and Literature ex officio
Bret Scott, Fine Arts and Communication 09/30/2022
Dr. Theron Francis 09/30/2020
Billy Ray Laxton, M.Ed, LAT, ATC, Associate AD for Sports Medicine, Athletics Column 2 Value 5
Betsy Evans – Director of Library and Research Technologies – Library Column 2 Value 6
Scott Ericsson, Professor Animal Science, Animal Science – Committee Chair Column 2 Value 7

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