Student Service Fees Advisory Committee


The Student Service Fees Advisory Committee has responsibility for presenting recommendations to the President  regarding programs and activities funded from Student Service Fee revenue. It is intended that the committee will be representative of the total university student body and will provide a means for student input into the allocation process regarding Student Service Fees.

The committee will include five student representatives, nominated by the Student Government Association. Two of these students serve one-year terms and three serve two-year terms. It is understood that the role of the Student Service Fees Advisory Committee is exclusively advisory to the Dean of Student Life, Executive Vice President and Provost, and to the President of the University.The final decision making responsibility for the budgeting and expenditure of Student Service Fee revenue resides with the President of the University.

Primary Responsibility Area: Alpine Campus


Committee shall consist of 9 voting and 1 non-voting members appointed by the President including 5 students nominated by the Student Government Association, 2 faculty members nominated by the Faculty Assembly, 1 staff member, the Vice President for Finance and Operations (non-voting), and the Dean of Student Life.

Term: 3-year, and 2 or 1-year (student appointments, as noted)

Chair: Dean of Student Life

Membership as of Spring 2020 Expiration of Term
Dr. Angela Brown 09/30/2022
Dr. Francine Richter 09/30/2021
Leo Dominguez, Dean of Student Life — Chair ex officio, voting
Chris Clifford, Vice President for Finance and Operations ex officio, non-voting