Web Services Advisory Committee

This Committee is currently on hiatus.


The Web Services Advisory Committee supports student, faculty and staff access to web-based information resources through www.sulross.edurgc.sulross.edu  and related SRSU web sites. It reviews web project requests submitted by campus constituencies and determines priority by evaluating these requests based on purpose/relevance, sustainability, functionality, scope, cost, timeline and other relevant factors. The committee also collaborates with department chairs and heads, who are responsible for the content of their web pages, to ensure that they have identified a primary web content liaison and that this person(s) has received adequate training on the content management system. Projects recommended by the Web Services Advisory Committee are reviewed by the OIT Management Team and if approved become part of the OIT tactical plan. The committee may also establish project teams and task forces as necessary to conduct research assessment or to develop other ad-hoc initiatives

Primary Responsibility Area: All University


2 Faculty appointments (Alpine campus), 1 faculty appointment (RGC), 2 Student appointments (1 year term) – Alpine Campus, 1 student appointment (1-year term) – RGC, 1 appointee chosen by the President, 1 appointee chosen by the Vice President for Finance and Operations, 1 appointee chosen by the Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, 1 appointee chosen by the Associate Provost for Rio Grande College, 1 OIT appointment (ex officio) – Alpine Campus, 1 OIT appointment (ex officio) – RGC, and the Vice President of Enrollment Management (ex officio).

Term: three-year and one-year student appointment

Chair: Elected by membership

Membership as of Spring 2020 Expiration of Term
Dr. Eric Busby

Bret Scott