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Hello SRSU community! 
I am a new adjunct to SRSU and my Grant Writing & Management class is a brand new course offering for the Public Administration program, so I am still trying to get everything set up online and in the SRSU system. I appreciate your patience as I navigate and get everything set up in the system! 
I recieved my Master of Science in Community & Regional Planning in 2004 from the University of Texas at Austin, through the School of Architecture, which incorporated policy aspects of community development with the physical and social elements as well. I worked for the City of Austin while earning my degree. My 20+ year professional career includes public (city) planning and community/volunteer engagement, private sector work where I contracted with the Department of Defense (Army), as well as independent contractor work, offering grant and project management. 
Throughout all of those environments was the pervasive need to actually find funding for the projects and programs I was tasked to manage; even though the word GRANT was not in the job title, most of them included strong elements of grant writing and management. I would say the need for additional funding is a common thread in whatever line of work you choose- public, non-profit, private.
Also, the need for grants is evident in MANY disciplines.  My hope is that the class becomes an interdisciplinary one, with students from multiple SRSU programs. Law Enforcement, Education, Natural Sciences, Fine Arts, ... all utilize grants to accomplish their respective goals.
My Grant Writing and Management class (Summer II) is a project-based course with weekly assignments which will cover the full-scope of the grant process - applicable to governmental entities and non-profits alike - over five main sections: 
  1. Funding Research, 
  2. Budgeting, 
  3. Project Scoping, 
  4. Writing an Application, 
  5. Follow-up Reporting/Analysis.
Thank you for you interest and I hope to see you in class soon!

Summer 2022

PS 5316 2W1   Grant Writing and Management