Laura Das Neves Patterson Rosa

Asst Professor Animal Science

Curriculum Vitæ

Animal Science
RAS 105   C-11
432 837-8200

Assistant Professor of Animal and Equine Sciences at Sul Ross State University, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine by the Universidade Federal da Bahia (Brazil) and Ph.D. in Animal Sciences/Genomics by the University of Florida - Brooks Equine Genetics Lab. Dr. Patterson Rosa has developed diverse research in genomics of Equine Health, Ancestry, Coat color and Neurogenetics. Her main interests include using genetics to improve selection, health and welfare of horses; reproduction physiology and horsemanship.

Spring 2023

ANSC 2311 001   Special Topics: Domestic Anima        
 | Student Evaluation
ANSC 3305 001   Horse Prod & Mgt        
 | Student Evaluation
ANSC 3305 L01   Horse Prod & Mgt Lab        
 | Student Evaluation
ANSC 3310 001   ST: Groundwork Training        
 | Student Evaluation
ANSC 4305 W01   Agri Genetics        
 | Student Evaluation

Fall 2022

ANSC 2303 001   Horsemanship I        
ANSC 2303 L01   Horsemanship I Lab        
ANSC 2303 L02   Horsemanship I Lab        
 | Student Evaluation
ANSC 3313 001   Equine Lameness and Rehab        
ANSC 4304 002   Reproductive Physiology        
ANSC 4307 002   Ultrasound & Repro Tech