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Fall 2022


“Leadership is not a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration.”-Robin S. Sharma 

My name is Roberto Flores and I am humbled to be able to teach the practicum course this semester. As the quote aforementioned, my strong belief is that one of the major roles that I have is to produce our future educational leaders. These will be leaders, such as yourself, that will be those that impact, influence and inspire others. It is not about the titles that go with leadership but about being able to create our future leaders.


In my career, I have had the opportunity to lead in various capacities in the educational system (over a span of 30 years), as a bilingual classroom teacher, a gifted and talented teacher, an assistant principal, a principal and Director of Federal Programs.  In the different capacities that I served, I learned that it wasn’t ever about me but rather those that I had an opportunity to impact, with the ultimate goal of achieving student success: students, parents, teachers, administrators and the community as a whole. When the pandemic hit, I realized just how my vision and philosophy of leadership was so important in providing guidance, support and reassurance for all key stakeholders.


I recently retired as an elementary school principal in June of 2021. During these last couple of months, I have had the fortune of being able to travel with my wife and family and enjoying the time to take a deep breath and reflect on all the blessings that have been afforded to my family, friends and myself. My wife and I have four children by which three of them teachers. Our youngest daughter will going into her second year of college 2022.     

I look forward to a semester of learning together and inspiring one another, knowing that I am working with our future leaders. The SRSU leaderhship offers a well balance approach the preparation of future principals as it combines coursework and practicum experiences to ultimately enhance and elevate your learning opportunities.   

Spring 2023

EDUA 7100 W04   Practicum I-Certification        
 | Student Evaluation
EDUA 7102 W04   Practicum III-Certification        
 | Student Evaluation

Fall 2022

EDUA 7100 W01   Practicum I-Certification        
EDUA 7101 W01   Practicum II-Certifcation        
 | Student Evaluation
EDUA 7101 W08   Practicum II-Certifcation        
 | Student Evaluation
EDUA 7102 W02   Practicum III-Certification        
 | Student Evaluation

Spring 2022

ED 7100 004   Practicum I-Certification        
ED 7102 004   Practicum III-Certification