Ana S Acevedo

Assistant Professor of Spanish at Alpine

Curriculum Vitæ

Not current staff or faculty

Spring 2022

SPAN 1412 W01   Beginning Spanish II        
SPAN 2312 001   Intermediate Spanish II        
 | Student Evaluation
SPAN 3308 001   Studies in Spanish        
SPAN 3308 Z01   Studies in Spanish        
 | Student Evaluation
SPAN 4306 Z01   Modern Drama        
 | Student Evaluation
SPAN 4311 W01   Spanish American Literature II        

Fall 2021

SPAN 1411 ALP   Beginning Spanish I        
SPAN 1411 W01   Beginning Spanish I        
SPAN 2311 W01   Intermediate Spanish I        
SPAN 3308 001   Studies in Spanish        
SPAN 3311 W01   Spanish Literature II        
SPAN 3316 001   Cult Civ in Span Amer        
SPAN 3316 Z01   Cult Civ in Span Amer        

Summer 2021

SPAN 2312 1Z1   Intermediate Spanish II        

Spring 2021

SPAN 3317 Z01   Modern Spanish Civilization        
SPAN 4301 Z01   Spanish for the Professional        
SPN 4302 Z01   Span Golden Age Lit        

Fall 2020

SPN 3305 Z01   Modern Drama        
SPN 3311 W01   Span Lit II        
SPN 4310 Z01   Spanish American Literature I