Todd Russell

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Dr. Todd T. Russell is a professor, presenter, trainer, evaluator and consultant with more than thirty years of experience in the fields of counseling and mental health. His specializations include the preparation and training of bilingual and bicultural counselors in the South Texas border region, the integration of mindfulness and meditation in counselor education, and the evidence-based applications of mindfulness-based strategies in counseling diverse client populations. He has published numerous articles and book chapters, and co-edited the 2006 text, Teaching Latino Students: Effective Strategies for Educating America’s Minorities (Edwin Mellen Press). Dr. Russell is a frequent presenter and speaker at international, national, regional and state professional conferences, trainings and workshops. He is the proud father of four adult children and the gratified grandfather of the four greatest grandchildren in the entire world. He can often be found in his pottery studio up to his elbows in the mud and muck of creativity.

Spring 2022

EDUC 5314 W01   Personality & Counsel Theory        
EDUC 6322 W01   Techniques Of Counseling II        
 | Student Evaluation
EDUC 6344 W01   Mindful-Based Appr to Counsel        
EDUC 6364 W01   Counseling & Sexuality        

Fall 2021

EDUC 6321 Z01   Tech Of Counseling I        
 | Student Evaluation
EDUC 7315 Z01   Group Counseling        
 | Student Evaluation
EDUC 7316 A03   Practicum in Counseling        
EDUC 7317 A03   Internship In Counseling        
 | Student Evaluation