Rebecca Lewis

Curriculum Vitæ

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I am Rebecca Lewis.  I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Nursing Instructor.  I have been in nursing for several years and enjoy a private practice as well as sharing my knowledge with students.

Summer 2023

NUR 3314 001   Nur Pharmacology        
 | Student Evaluation
NUR 3314 L01   Nur Pharmacology        

Spring 2023

NUR 3441 001   Competencies Care I        
 | Student Evaluation
NUR 4415 001   Concepts Lifespan III        
 | Student Evaluation
NUR 4544 L01   Competencies Care III        

Fall 2022

NUR 3312 001   Intro to Concepts        
NUR 3540 001   Assessment Ru/Bor Comm        
NUR 4542 001   Competencies Care II        
 | Student Evaluation