Mary Anne Hanley


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Hello, I am pleased to meet you.  I am Mary Anne Hanley, PhD, RN.  As a holistic nurse educator, I have taught online classes for the past 20 years, conducted and participated in research related to Therapeutic Touch, a holistic nursing intervention. I served as the Director of Education for the Board of Nursing in Texas and have taught health policy, ethics, and holistic nursing in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral nursing programs.  I serve on the boards of organizations committed to the health and well being of people around the world.  I look forward to exploring issues and ethics in nursing with you.

Fall 2021

NUR 3201 Z01   Fndn of Nur Informatics        
NURS 4303 W01   Leg & Ethic Iss in Health Care        
NURS 4303 Z01   Leg & Ethic Iss in Health Care        
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NURS 4311 Z01   Nursing Informatics