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Department of Kinesiology Courses

KINE 1131   Racquet Sports    
KINE 1132   Cardio Fitness    
KINE 1134   Disc Golf    
KINE 1136   Outdoor Activities    
KINE 1139   Yoga    
KINE 1140   Weight Training    
KINE 1301   Intro to Phys Fit & Sport    
KINE 1306   First Aid    
KINE 1330   Essen of Public Health    
KINE 1350   Sports Officiating    
KINE 2302   Recreation & Leisure Serv    
KINE 2303   Nutrition    
KINE 2313   Prin Elementary PE Health   KINE 2313 Principles of Elementary Physical Education & Health (3-0) This course is designed for for a physical education and elementary education undergraduate student seeking a teaching certification in the State of Texas. The course provides a broad range of assessment and experiences in order to help prepare students for teaching concepts of Health and Physical Education in the elementary school. Equivalent courses: PE 2303 (through Summer 2022), KINE 3313 (through Summer 2023).  
KINE 2314   Skill Tech Indiv Team Sports    
KINE 2340   Prin of Ath Coaching    
KINE 2350   Care & Prev Athl Injuries    
KINE 3301   Structural Kinesiology    
KINE 3302   Motor Development    
KINE 3305   Physiology of Exercise    
KINE 3312   Foundations Adapt PE & Sport    
KINE 3320   Athletic Training I    
KINE 3321   Athletic Training II    
KINE 3332   Health and Aging    
KINE 3334   Contemporary Health Problems    
KINE 3343   Biomechanics    
KINE 3370   Recreation Admin    
KINE 3376   River Rec & Water Safety    
KINE 3378   Mountain Rec & Safety    
KINE 3390   Global Perspect Sport Rec    
KINE 4309   Practicum in Kines    
KINE 4311   Tests and Measurements    
KINE 4326   Athletic Therapeutic Exercise    
KINE 4327   Therapeutic Modality Ath Train    
KINE 4328   Admin Athletic Trng Program    
KINE 4340   Legal and Ethical Issues    
KINE 4353   Conc Strength Conditioning    
KINE 4364   Fitness Test and Exercise    
KINE 4390   Special Topics    
KINE 4390   ST: Digital Sports Marketing    
KINE 5305   Research Methods    
KINE 5307   Issues in Sports Law    
KINE 5312   Advanced Human Nutrition    
KINE 5313   Phys & Human Performance    
KINE 5314   Diagnostic Test & Meas    
KINE 5315   Group Dynamics    
KINE 5316   Motor Learn and Control    
KINE 5321   Leadership in Sport Admin    
KINE 5322   Strategic Management in Sport    
KINE 5323   Sport Finance & Sales    
KINE 5324   Applied Marketing in Sports    
KINE 5325   Event Facility Mgmt    
KINE 5373   Health and Human Behavior    
KINE 5609   Adv Practicum Kinesiology