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Department of Criminal Justice Courses

CJ 1000   Law Enforcement Academy    
CJ 1310   Fund Crim Law   The student will be introduced to concepts of criminal law including the nature of law, historical development, major definitions, classification and elements of crime and criminal responsibility. Prerequisite: CJ 1301  
CJ 2350   Current Issues in CJ    
CJ 2351   Hate Crimes    
CJ 2353   Crimes Against Children    
CJ 2360   Intro to Cybercrime    
CJ 2362   Cybercrime Investigation    
CJ 3306   Community Corrections   CJ 3306 Community Corrections (3-0). This course will focus on community corrections in the criminal justice system as an alternative to institutionalization. Students will examine the treatment and rehabilitation concepts; probation and parole techniques; statutory and case law; case management; agency organization and administration.  
CJ 3316   Domestic Violence    
CJ 3317   White Collar Crime    
CJ 3320   Emergency Management    
CJ 3321   Human Trafficking    
CJ 3340   Criminal Justice Ethics    
CJ 3341   Research Methods for CJ    
CJ 3362   Adv Cyber Investigations    
CJ 3368   Police Academy V   CJ 3368 Police Academy V (3-0). Fifth of 5-part credit for Police Academy. Prerequisite: concurrent enrollment in the SRSU Police Academy and enrollment in CJ 3363, 3364, 3365, and 3366.  
CJ 4300   American Corrections   CJ 4300 American Corrections (3-0). An overview of state and federal correctional systems; methods of treatment of offenders and humanistic approach to corrections, institutional and community sanctions, and correctional administration is studied. Equivalent courses: CRIM 4300  
CJ 4314   American Courts   CJ 4314 American Courts (3-0). A survey of the Dynamics of the state and federal judicial system; the interrelated relationship of the judge, jury, prosecutor, and defense; judicial theory, and an in-depth study of the criminal case within the court. Equivalent courses: CRIM 4314  
CJ 4330   Law Enforcement Admin    
CJ 4331   Legal Issues in CJ    
CJ 4332   Const Issues in Corr   CJ 4332 Constitutional Issues in Corrections (3-0). In the course students will explore the origins of correctional systems and how these systems and correctional philosophies have evolved over time. Students will also study the First Fourth Fifth Sixth Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment rights and the theories behind those rights as they relate to convicted prisoners and pretrial detainees. The impact of court decisions on prisons and jails. Liability and immunity of correctional personnel.  
CJ 4336   Prison Gangs    
CJ 4365   Cyber Warfare   CJ 4365 Cyber Warfare (3-0). This course is an overview of cyber warfare including discussions on its strategy and impacts. Students will evaluate the use of cyber warfare by the military, terrorist, and criminal organizations. Students will examine computer network benefits and vulnerabilities, potential weaponry, and risk mitigation. Prerequisite: CJ 1301 or CJ 1302 and CJ 2360. Equivalent courses: CRIM 4365  
CJ 4367   Cyber Policy & Law    
CJ 5327   Grad Seminar in HS    
CJ 5339   Ethical Issues in CJ Sys    
CJ 5340   Policy Making in CJ    
CJ 5341   Criminal Sexual Behaviors    
CJ 5342   Women in Policing    
CJ 5343   Crimes Against Children    
CJ 5350   Independent Study   The student will pursue an independent research or experiential learning project chosen by the student in consultation and approval of the instructor. Prerequisite: Approval of the instructor  
CJ 5360   Seminar in Cyber Crime    
CJ 5362   Criminology of Cybercrime    
CJ 5363   Cybercrime Law & Policy    
CJ 5365   Sem in Cybercrime Invest