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Department of Criminal Justice Courses

CJ 3300   History Of Crim Jus   CJ 3300 History of Criminal Justice (3-0). A survey of criminal justice history; a study relating to the developments in American law, police practice and penology in Western civilization. Major American and European theories of criminal justice are studied. Equivalent courses: CRIM 3300  
CJ 3305   Substantive Law   CJ 3305 Substantive Law (3-0). A study of the philosophical foundations of American law; a survey of applied criminal law with an emphasis on the most common criminal offenses; an examination of the Texas Penal Code. Equivalent courses: CRIM 3305  
CJ 3308   Law Of Evidence   CJ 3308 Law of Evidence (3-0). An examination of the rules of evidence and the procedures for obtaining it with special emphasis on application in criminal court. Equivalent courses: CRIM 3308