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ARTC 3332   Advanced 2-D Imaging   ARTC 3332 Advanced Two-Dimensional Imaging (3-3). Students will use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create and manipulate digital imagery. Presentations and hands-on demonstrations will help reinforce ideas and techniques used to create digital imagery. Prerequisite: CSAT 2310 or FA 2302  
ARTC 3340   Advanced Animation   ARTC 3340 Advanced Animation (3-3). This course is a further study of frame-by-frame animation where students continue to develop their skills through examples and projects. Prerequisite: ARTC 3334.  
ARTC 4303   Advanced Maya   ARTC 4303 Advanced Maya (3-3). Further study of Maya to create 3-dimensional graphics. Students will refine the creation lighting texture and animation of their 3-D objects. Prerequisite: ARTC 3334.