BIOL 2102

Study of the structure and function of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, immune, endocrine and reproductive systems. This lab will involve inspection of prepared slides, anatomical models, and dissection of mammalian material. Course is intended for pre-nursing, pre-medical, pre-optometry, pre-veterinary students, other pre-health professionals and Biology Majors. Prerequisites: Anatomy& Physiology I lecture and laboratory (BIOL 2301/BIOL2101) required; Anatomy & Physiology II (BIOL 2302) to be taken concurrently or previously.

Spring 2022

Anatomy/Physiology II Lab   Section L01   Anne Marie Hilscher

Spring 2021

Anatomy/Physiology II Lab   Section L01   Crystal Graham
Anatomy/Physiology II Lab   Section L02   Crystal Graham
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