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CSA 1309   Computer Science I   CSA 1309 (COSC 1336) Computer Science I (2-2). This course is a disciplined approach to problem-solving with structured techniques and representation of algorithms using pseudo-code and graphical tools. There will be discussions of methods for testing, evaluation, and documentation. Topics include data types; control structures; functions, structures, arrays, and file input/output; the mechanics of running, testing and debugging programs; introduction to programming; and introduction to the historical and social context of computing. Prerequisite: Students may concurrently enroll in Math 1314. Equivalent courses: CS 1320 (through Summer 2014), CS 1309 (through Summer 2023).  
CSA 1320   Computer Science II   CSA 1320 (COSC 1337) Computer Science II (2-2). Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming, including concepts and techniques of object-oriented programming. This course introduces students to objects, classes, constructors, methods, object inheritance, and polymorphism from a practical and hands-on approach. Prerequisite: CSA 1309. Equivalent course: CS 1320 (through Summer 2023), CS 1321 (through Summer 2014).  
CSA 2326   Basic Television Technology   CSA 2326 Basic Television Technology (3-0). Introductory course dedicated to basic television principles as related to game technology and communication design. Including, but not limited to camera, sound, lights, story board, and basic production elements to be used with green screen technology. Equivalent course: CSAT 2306 (through Summer 2023)  
CSA 2327   Introduction to Audio   CSA 2327 Introduction to Audio (2-2). Students learn the fundamentals of the physics of sound and basic recording and editing techniques. Equivalent course: CSAT 2307 (through Summer 2023)  
CSA 3310   Computer Communications   CSA 3310 Computer Communications (3-0). Course covers network systems, topology, media, the theoretical network, real-world networks, and configuration of networks. Offered fall even years. Prerequisite: CS or CSA 1320. Equivalent course: CS 3310 (through Summer 2023), CSR 3310.  
CSA 3316   Operating Systems   CSA 3316 Operating Systems (3-0). This course examines the important problems in operating system design and implementation. Operating systems provide an established, convenient, and efficient interface between user programs and the bare hardware of the computer on which they run. The operating system is responsible for sharing resources (e.g. disks, networks, and processors), providing common services needed by many different programs (e.g. file services, the ability to start or stop processes, and access to the printer), and protecting individual programs from interfering with one another. Prerequisites: CS or CSA 2315. Equivalent course: CS 3316 (through Summer 2023), CSR 3316.  
CSA 4311   Senior Capstone II   CSA 4311 Senior Capstone II (3-0). Continuation of Senior Capstone I Students complete a collaborative programming project and present a working product and business plan. Prerequisites: CSA 4310. Equivalent course: CS 4311 (through Summer 2023), CSR 4311.  
CSA 4324   Arts Technology Capstone I   CSA 4324 Arts Technology Capstone I (3-0). The Senior Capstone is the culminating course in the CSAT concentrations sequence. Each capstone is implemented by students with the help and encouragement of an academic advisor. Capstone experiences allow each student to demonstrate the capacity to bring information, skills, and ideas acquired from the major to bear on one significant project. It is aimed at providing students with the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired as Computer Science majors as well as provide experiences for students to exhibit competent Computer Science skills within their concentration learned during their program of study in order to prepare for a career in Computer Science Applied Technology. Equivalent course: CSAT 4310 (through Summer 2023), CSR 4324.  
CSA 4372   Intrusion Detect/Prevent   CSA 4372 Intrusion Detection/ Prevention Systems (3-0). This course provides students with knowledge and skills related to detecting and analyzing vulnerabilities and threats and taking steps to mitigate associated risks. It addresses deep packet inspection, log file analysis, cross log comparison and analysis, host or network based intrusion detection, honeynets and honeypots. Prerequisite: CSA 3310. Equivalent course: CSST 4372 (through Summer 2023), CSR 4372.