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CSAT 2307   Introduction to Audio   CSAT 2307 Introduction to Audio (2-2). Students learn the fundamentals of the physics of sound and basic recording and editing techniques.  
CSAT 2310   Intro to Digital Imaging   CSAT 2310 Introduction to Digital Imaging (1-2). This course covers digital imaging techniques including Photoshop and Illustrator. The course will focus on digital image editing digital painting and illustration.  
CSAT 2315   Intro To Game Programming   CSAT 2315 Introduction to Game Programming (3-0). A course designed to introduce students to programming languages and techniques used in the computer gaming industry. This course serves as the foundation for all other courses in the Gaming Technology concentration. Prerequisite: CS 1320  
CSAT 3303   Individual Studies: Motion Cap   CSAT 3303 Individual Studies (3-0). In this course students complete individual work towards the fulfillment of their degree. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.  
CSAT 3350   Adv Two-Dimensional Imaging   CSAT 3350 Advanced Two-Dimensional Imaging (3-0). A course in advanced digital imaging including creation of original digital matte paintings illustration and photo manipulation for print gaming and art applications. Students will work in a variety of industry standard programs including Photoshop and Illustrator. Prerequisite: CSAT 2310  
CSAT 3360   User Interface Prog   CSAT 3360 User Interface Programming (3-0). Programming related to interactive displays interfaces and environments for controlling a variety of computer applications including games and communication and other programs including human- computer interface applications. Prerequisite: CS 2315  
CSAT 3380   Motion Capture   CSAT 3380 Motion Capture (2-2). Covers the basics of directing and capturing 3D data for use in character design and movement in videogames.  
CSAT 4301   Voice Over Techniques   CSAT 4301 Voice-Over Techniques (2-2). An advanced approach to vocal production and voice-over performance utilizing audio recording equipment. Prerequisite: THEA 1351  
CSAT 4310   Senior Capstone   CSAT 4310 Senior Capstone (3-0). The Senior Capstone is the culminating course in the CSAT concentrations sequence. Each capstone is implemented by students with the help and encouragement of an academic advisor. Capstone experiences allow each student to demonstrate the capacity to bring information skills and ideas acquired from the major to bear on one significant project. It is aimed at providing students with the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired as Computer Science majors as well as provide experiences for students to exhibit competent Computer Science skills within their concentration learned during their program of study in order to prepare for a career in Computer Science Applied Technology.  
CSAT 4311   Capstone II   CSAT 4311 Capstone II (2-2). Continuation of Senior Capstone. Students complete a collaborative video game project and present a working product and business plan. Prerequisite: CSAT 4310