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ECOR 3301   Intermediate Economics   ECOR 3301 Intermediate Economics (3-0). A macro-micro survey that examines supply demand and price theory including aggregated demand aggregate supply macroeconomic instability unemployment and inflation. Fiscal and monetary policy money and banking taxes deficits and the national debt are also examined. Includes a survey of contemporary microeconomic problems and includes consumer behavior elasticity production and costs and a thorough examination of market structures and pricing and production policies. Equivalent courses: ECON 3301 (through Summer 2022); ECOA 3301.  
ECOR 5303   Managerial Economics   ECOR 5303 Managerial Economics (3-0). Economic analysis in forming business policies relative to profits, market demand, cost measurement and control, price policy and capital budgeting. The primary objective of this course is to enhance student understanding of microeconomic analysis to managerial decisions. Equivalent courses: ECO/ECON 5303 (through Summer 2022), ECOA 5303.