ED 7102

A course required for certification which provides a minimum of 60 clock hours of field experience in the principalship in a T.E.A. accredited public, private, or parochial school. Students will create and implement a campus improvement plan and work with the CIP Committee to address a problem relating to student achievement on their campus. Students will serve in a leadership role in the entire change process including creating the plan, and implementing and monitoring it. This course must be taken with ED 6315. Prerequisites: ED 5330, ED 5332, ED 5333, ED 7304, ED 6312. Internship/Practicum fee: $300

Spring 2022

Practicum III-Certification   Section 004   Roberto Flores
Practicum III-Certification   Section 005   Shirley Coleman
Practicum III-Certification   Section 006   Jeanne Walker