EDUA 5301

EDUA 5301 Internship in Teaching II (0-3). Required for post-baccalaureate certification candidates seeking to satisfy the teaching requirement by teaching full-time as a teacher of record in an accredited school jointly supervised by University faculty and school district personnel. This is the second semester of the Internship. Prerequisite: ED 5300. ED 5301 must be taken the next consecutive long semester after successful completion of ED/EDUA 5300; must be accepted in the Post-Baccalaureate Initial Certification Program. Equivalent courses: ED 5300 (through Summer 2022). Internship/Practicum fee: $300

Fall 2023

Internship in Teaching II   Section W01   Diana Rodriguez
 | Student Evaluation

Spring 2023

Internship in Teaching II   Section 001   Matthew G. Marsh