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EDUC 3300   Foundations of Public Sch   EDUC 3300 Foundations of American Public Schools (3-0). This course provides an overview of the historical philosophical cultural sociological and political underpinnings of the American education system. The evolution of education the role of cultural diversity in education curriculum and assessment legal case studies education standards (TEKS) Educator?s Code of Ethics and issues and trends in education are explored. Participants will review local state and national policy Legislation and regulations pertaining to PreK-12 education. Participants will reflect upon how these concepts drive instructional practices in today?s challenging classroom environment. Must be taken during the first semester or first six hours.  
EDUC 3301   Math/Science Methods Elem   A study and implementation of pedagogical models and curriculum design for teaching science and math utilizing technology for elementary children. The role of standards based from the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) will be applied incorporating various forms of inquiry and direct instruction. This content specific course will develop the art and science of responsive teaching to the needs and interests of all learners. Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program.  
EDUC 3302   Educational Psychology    
EDUC 3303   Methods & Classroom Mgt   Various educational settings and programs are described with an emphasis on implementation including research on Developmentally Appropriate Practice. Classroom and behavioral management will be presented from the perspective of its implementation in the education setting based on current research. In addition, the planning aspect of classroom management will provide the use of TEKS, Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines and Competencies provided by Texas Educational Agency. Instruction contains adaptations and laws and procedures for the inclusion of exceptional, multicultural, and special needs students. Must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program.  
EDUC 3304   Human Growth & Development    
EDUC 3305   Teach Strat & Class Mgt Sec Sc    
EDUC 3308   Lang Acquis & Develop    
EDUC 3309   EC-6Early Child Meth/Class Mgt    
EDUC 3310   EC-6Early Childhood:Curr    
EDUC 3328   Found Of Biling Ed    
EDUC 4300   Internship In Student Teach    
EDUC 4307   Teach Lang Arts In Elem   EDUC 4307 Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary Classroom (3-0). QEP mapped course. A study of the methods and strategies in teaching language arts in the elementary grades. A focus on vocabulary, comprehension, and comprehension development, composition, grammar, and handwriting as it relates to grade level TEKS and guidelines will be covered. Classroom management, instructional materials, curricula and best practice of analysis and response are presented. Activities focus on development of lesson plans, instructional materials, visual aids and assessment of student progress. Opportunities for data-driven and performance-based practices are presented. Prerequisites: ED/EDUC 4308 and ED/EDUC 3308.  
EDUC 4308   The Teach Of Reading    
EDUC 4312   Method & Material In Sec Sch    
EDUC 4313   Comp Phonics & Enrichment   An intensive examination of the development and teaching of phonics, word identification, vocabulary, and structural analysis related to the development of reading comprehension for all readers. His course will prepare candidates to provide multisensory instruction and culturally responsive intervention in the following areas: vocabulary development, critical-analytical reading, research-based strategies, and metacognitive approaches to assist with understanding varied texts. This course supports competencies within the evaluative measure as identified by the State of Texas for Teaching Certification. In addition, this course utilizes the competencies prescribed for Early Childhood-6th grade as identified by the State of Texas. Prerequisites: ED/EDUC 4308 and ED/EDUC 3308  
EDUC 4314   Read Skills For Content Sub    
EDUC 4315   Assessment And Remediation   Assessment, diagnostic, and remediation techniques to use in the classroom to determine how to best assist students with reading and identify reading problems.  
EDUC 4320   Diverse Populations    
EDUC 4328   Teach Lang Arts In Biling Cla    
EDUC 4601   Stud Teach In Elem Sch    
EDUC 4605   Stud Teach In Sec Sch    
EDUC 4607   Stud Teach In Elem & Kg    
EDUC 5301   Research Methodology   An introduction to social science research. The student will demonstrate competency in reading and interpreting research and will use the APA style and format. Demonstrated competency in research design will be shown through written products and presentations. Must be taken within first 12 hours of graduate coursework. No substitutions for this course without written permission from the Education Department Chair.  
EDUC 5309   Intro to School Admin   EDUC 5309 Introduction to School Administration (3-0). An overview of school administration that includes roles functions and duties of those who administer and supervise in the schools. Policy development planning goal setting program evaluation and accreditation standards are also included.  
EDUC 5314   Personality & Counsel Theory    
EDUC 5315   Standardized Assess Prin    
EDUC 5316   Multicultural Perspectives   This course is designed to examine theoretical and practical issues of diversity. Multiculturalism perspectives such as culture, race, gender, ethnicity, language, exceptionality, class, age, differentiated lifestyles, religion and socio-economic levels will be critically examined to develop awareness and sensitivity to the rich diversity of all students in American public schools.  
EDUC 5318   Personnel Problems    
EDUC 5319   School Law   EDUC 5319 School Law (3-0). A study of general laws applying to all states concerning education; an in-depth study of cases and decisions affecting current education.  
EDUC 5330   Literacy Through Literature   A course that focuses on using literature in elementary, junior high, and secondary classroom to teach and support the skills necessary for independent reading. Children?s and young adult literature is explored through different genres and cultures, integrating universal design through current technology applications and informative evaluation criteria. Prerequisites: EDUC 5308  
EDUC 6304   Organ & Theory In Admin    
EDUC 6309   Hum Gro&Dev Emph Ad Lear Pedag    
EDUC 6314   Diag & Corr Of Read Disabil   This class is designed to identify and address the symptoms and causes of reading difficulties and disabilities. Methods of assessment and diagnosis will be addressed through course readings and discussions and will be applied in field opportunities. Intervention and remediation techniques will also be addressed throughout the course. Assessment techniques which can be applied in the classroom with individual students or groups of students will be examined. Prerequisites: Instructor Approval Required  
EDUC 6315   Curr Theory & Dev    
EDUC 6320   Chemical Dependency Counseling   EDUC 6320 Chemical Dependency Counseling (3-0). This course will examine the use, abuse and addiction of drugs and alcohol in a postmodern multicultural and diverse society. Emphasis will be placed on the physiological, psychological, and sociological aspects of abuse/addiction, their impact on the individual, family, and community, and evidence-based treatment approaches.  
EDUC 6322   Techniques Of Counseling II    
EDUC 6326   Adv Couple/Family Counsel    
EDUC 6327   Marr, Div & Fam Mediation   This course provides advanced counseling students with cutting-edge knowledge of the models and methods of mediation. Emphasis is placed on the strategies and skills necessary for counselors to competently provide professional mediation assistance to families and couples, as well as the evaluative, transformative, and therapeutic practices employed before, during and after relationship dissolution and divorce.  
EDUC 6332   Consul for Prof School Counsel    
EDUC 6333   Ethical, Legal, Prof Iss Coun    
EDUC 6340   Bili & Cultural Counseling    
EDUC 6342   Counsel Crisis,Trauma&Disaster    
EDUC 6344   Mindful-Based Appr to Counsel    
EDUC 6352   TX Planning & MH Advocacy   This course provides an in-depth overview of the multidimensional community mental health systems, with perspective on the administrative, organizational, socio-cultural, advocacy and clinical aspects of policy formation, managed care, case-management, legal paradigms and trends in mental health services delivery.  
EDUC 6364   Counseling & Sexuality   This course provides counselors with the knowledge and skills for effectively working with clients of diverse backgrounds on issues related to human sexuality. Physical, psychological and cultural aspects of sexuality will be explored with emphasis on enhancing mindful counselor self-awareness.  
EDUC 6389   Special Pops & Programs   EDUC 6389 Special Populations and Programs (0-3). A study of the needs of multicultural and special student populations and the state and federal programs that currently serve them in public schools.  
EDUC 7302   Management of Counseling Prog    
EDUC 7305   Workshop In Education    
EDUC 7312   Practicum In Reading    
EDUC 7313   Practicum In Admin    
EDUC 7316   Practicum in Counseling   This fieldwork experience will provide students with university and clinical-site supervised practice in counseling in university-affiliated services and community settings. Students must accumulate 100 total clock hours of counseling experience, with at least 40-hours of direct face-to-face counseling contact. Prerequisite: Student must have earned a grade of B or higher in EDUC 6321 and 7315 and have permission of the instructor.  
EDUC 7317   Internship In Counseling   This advanced fieldwork experience will provide students with university and clinical-site supervised practice in counseling in university-affiliated services and community settings. Students must accumulate 600 total clock hours of counseling experience, with at least 240 hours of direct face-to -face counseling contact. Prerequisite: student must have earned a grade of B or higher in EDUC 7316 and have permission of the instructor.