EDUC 4307

EDUC 4307 Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary Classroom (3-0). QEP mapped course. A study of the methods and strategies in teaching language arts in the elementary grades. A focus on vocabulary, comprehension, and comprehension development, composition, grammar, and handwriting as it relates to grade level TEKS and guidelines will be covered. Classroom management, instructional materials, curricula and best practice of analysis and response are presented. Activities focus on development of lesson plans, instructional materials, visual aids and assessment of student progress. Opportunities for data-driven and performance-based practices are presented. Prerequisites: ED/EDUC 4308 and ED/EDUC 3308.

Summer 2022

Teach Lang Arts In Elem   Section 1V1   Gloria Guerrero-Rodriguez

Spring 2022

Teach Lang Arts In Elem   Section Z01   Gloria Guerrero-Rodriguez