EDUC 4313

An intensive examination of the development and teaching of phonics, word identification, vocabulary, and structural analysis related to the development of reading comprehension for all readers. His course will prepare candidates to provide multisensory instruction and culturally responsive intervention in the following areas: vocabulary development, critical-analytical reading, research-based strategies, and metacognitive approaches to assist with understanding varied texts. This course supports competencies within the evaluative measure as identified by the State of Texas for Teaching Certification. In addition, this course utilizes the competencies prescribed for Early Childhood-6th grade as identified by the State of Texas. Prerequisites: ED/EDUC 4308 and ED/EDUC 3308

Summer 2022

Comp Phonics & Enrichment   Section 1V1   Gloria Guerrero-Rodriguez

Spring 2022

Comp Phonics & Enrichment   Section Z01   Gina Stocks