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GBA 1301   Business Principles   Introduction to the role of business in modern society. Overview of business functions as well as introduction various business and societal issues, including contemporary dimensions of business as ethics, social responsibilities, changes in the workplace and international dimensions of business are considered.  
GBA 3351   Business Law    
GBA 3352   Quantitative Methods   GBA 3352 Quantitative Methods in Business (3-0). A study of data presentation, descriptive measures, probability distributions, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing with emphasis on business applications. Prerequisite: MATH 1314  
GBA 4355   International Business    
GBA 4360   Business Capstone   GBA 4360 Business Capstone (3-0). The BBA capstone course involving the integration of all functional business areas. Emphasis on management decision making as it pertains to planning, implementing, and evaluating organizational strategy. Prerequisites: Business Major - Senior standing  
GBA 5310   Project Management    
GBA 5311   Business Strategy   GBA 5311 Business Strategy (3-0). The MBA capstone course integrates the different functional business areas. Emphasis on strategic management decision making as it pertains to planning, implementing and evaluating organizational strategy. Prerequisite: 15 SCH of MBA Required Courses.