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KES 1151   Racquet Sports   KES 1151 Racquet Sports (1-2). The activity course is designed to teach the basic rules regulations and skills of several racket sports such as tennis racquetball badminton and more. Application to lifespan health and sport will be examined. No experience required. Equipment will be provided.  
KES 1152   Cardio Fitness   KES 1152 Cardio Fitness (1-2). This activity course is designed to enhance overall health && fitness by increasing cardiovascular endurance muscular strength && endurance and improve body composition. Students are encouraged to refrain from a sedentary lifestyle. Activities include walking running hiking cycling indoor rowing and other aerobic activities. Open to all ages. Equipment provided.  
KES 1153   Lifeguarding   KES 1153 Lifeguarding (1-2). This course is designed to meet American Red Cross (ACR) requirements related to lifeguarding and basic water safety skills. Upon successful completion of the course the student will be awarded the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training certificate and CPR/AED/First Aid certification for Lifeguards. An additional fee is required to cover ARC textbook ARC ancillary materials and ARC certification cards. Basic swim skills are required. Prerequisite: Must be 15+ years of age able to swim 500 yards able to retrieve an object from under 10 feet of water and able to tread water for 2 minutes without the use of the hands.  
KES 1154   Disc Golf   KES 1154 Disc Golf (1-2). This course introduces the fundamentals of disc golf. Emphasis is placed on basic throwing techniques putting distance driving scoring and single and doubles play. Tournament and match play formats will also be introduced. NOTE: Basic equipment will be provided. Open to all levels.  
KES 1155   Group Fitness   KES 1155 Group Fitness (1-2). This activity course will present a variety of group fitness classes to promote overall health && wellness in a motivating group setting. Group fitness classes such as indoor cycling yoga core mobility and HIIT training offer community energy and motivation to create a transformative experience and deliver fitness results. Open to all ages. No equipment necessary.  
KES 1157   Outdoor Pursuits   KES 1157 Outdoor Pursuits (1-2). Outdoor resources and adventure activities are utilized as opportunities for experiential learning. Activities can include hiking backpacking biking canoeing kayaking stand-up paddling outdoor cooking orienteering wilderness safety and first aid. Equipment provided. Open to all levels.  
KES 1350   Sports Officiating   KES 1350 Sports Officiating (3-0). This course includes the study of the rules interpretations and the mechanics of officiating. The course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills required in the officiating of football basketball baseball/softball soccer tennis track and field volleyball and other interscholastic sports. Students will be required to assist in a variety of officiating activities outside the formal classroom. Practice officiating outside the classroom will be expected. Certification is not required but recommended.  
KES 2303   Nutrition    
KES 2311   Recreation & Leisure Serv   Introduction to recreation, includes brief historical backgrounds, professional opportunities, present status, past and present leaders. Role of leisure time in our social structure, professional responsibility, familiarization with current issues and trends, and professional literature. Lecture and filed trips.  
KES 2320   Foundations Adapt PE & R   The course is designed for preservice physical education, elementary education, and special education students. The course provides a broad range of experiences and assessment in order to help prepare students to work the special needs children in the future. The course aims to provide a background in adapted physical education theory as well as a laboratory experiences and practical timing through field experiences.  
KES 2330   Leisure & Outdoor Rec   An overview of the role of the natural world in recreation and leisure services. The course will focus on values of outdoor recreation, outdoor education, adventure recreation, environmental impact, and the role of government in the provision of outdoor recreation.  
KES 2340   Prin of Ath Coaching   The course is designed to present foundational knowledge essential for coaching any level athlete in any sport. Emphasis is on a comprehensive approach to the foundations and theories including development of a coaching philosophy, determining coaches objectives, coaching for character, coaching diverse athletes, motivational techniques, as well as, principles of teaching, physical training, and management.  
KES 3302   Health and Aging    
KES 3303   Care & Prev Athl Injuries    
KES 3305   Physiology of Exercise    
KES 3313   Kines and Biomechanics    
KES 3316   River Rec & Water Safety   Acquiring an understanding and application of teaching basic paddling skills of water crafts (river board, kayaks, rafts, canoes, inflatables, etc.) Additional content includes: aspects of safety, river policy, history, culture, careers/guiding, equipment maintenance/storage, river camping and leadership. Field days required (3-5 days). Prerequisites: KES 2330.  
KES 3318   Mountain Rec & Safety   This course will teach fundamentals of back country camping, orienteering, and basic rock climbing including equipment, climbing techniques, knots, belaying, and rappelling; emphasis on skills development, risk management, and leadership. This course will follow and promote industry safety standards and teach best practices. Instruction requires three to five full days of practical field application for hands-on experience. Prerequisites: KES 2330  
KES 3321   Recreation Admin    
KES 3330   Sustain Tourism & Com Rec   Course will analyze commercial recreation; economics, marketing, and financing commercial recreation endeavors; and assemble the various opportunities available in the commercial and private sector. Prerequisites: KES 2311  
KES 4303   Fitness Test and Exercise    
KES 4310   Program Plan & Eval    
KES 4312   Health Promotion at Work    
KES 4313   Legal and Ethical Issues    
KES 4360   Practicum in Kines   Supervised internship with selected agencies and organizations such as intramural sports, city recreation departments, YMCAs and YWCAs, Boys' Clubs, Girl and Boy Scouts, rehabilitation centers, and similar agencies and organizations. Field experience fee $75. Prerequisite: Senior Classification and approval of department head.  
KES 4361   Facilities Management    
KES 4361   Research in Kinesiology    
KES 4361   Special Topic Sports Marketing    
KES 4361   Special Topics - Sports Hist.    
KES 4361   Special Topics: McNair    
KES 4361   Special Topics: Probs in KINE    
KES 4361   Sports Marketing    
KES 4362   ST: McNair Female Athlete I    
KES 5305   Research Methods    
KES 5307   Issues in Sports Law    
KES 5312   Advanced Human Nutrition    
KES 5313   Phys & Human Performance    
KES 5314   Diagnostic Test & Meas    
KES 5315   Group Dynamics    
KES 5316   Motor Learn and Control    
KES 5321   Leadership in Sport Admin   A variety of leadership and management skills will be examined, including communication, problem solving, conflict management, group dynamics, and leadership theory. Practical application to sport and allied professions will be included.  
KES 5322   Strategic Management in Sport   KES 5322 Strategic Management in Sport (3-0). A study and application of management theories and practical application to sport administration. This course provides students with an opportunity to analyze organizational structure examine current industry trends and develop a strategic plan for a sport organization.  
KES 5323   Sport Finance & Sales   KES 5323 Sport Finance and Sales (3-0). Students learn financial concepts including financial planning and management budgeting the fundraising cycle and explore the use of different strategies and techniques to maintain or expand sports operations stadium/facility proposals budgets and bond referendums. In addition a variety of revenue streams are discussed in detail. Students are exposed to a variety of different sales strategies and tactics that can be applied to the sport industry and are also exposed to the latest research and professional trends in the field.  
KES 5324   Applied Marketing in Sports   KES 5324 Applied Marketing in Sport (3-0). His course covers the essentials of sport marketing which includes planning promotions operations and market analysis. The fundamental principles used in the marketing of sport products events and the importance of service quality will also be examined. Students also examine the latest research in the file and will interact with industry professionals.  
KES 5325   Event Facility Mgmt   KES 5325 Event & Facility Management (3-0). The course provides students with an opportunity to examine the practical application of the principles and theory related to event and facility planning human resource and equipment organization and execution of sport at these facilities. Site visits and interactions with local sport organizations are required.  
KES 5373   Health and Human Behavior    
KES 5609   Adv Pract in Ex Science   Limited to students who have completed all 24 hours and have demonstrated their ability to complete their internship work sponsored by the kinesiology department and who are considered able to do independent work. Before registering for the internship, students should have completed all 24 hours on their degree plan and consult with the advisor concerning their program of study. Students are expected to work independently with supervisors mentors or directors. Evidence of progress demonstrated by papers, discussion and a portfolio defense. Consent of a faculty supervisor and program coordinator. Prerequisite: KES 5305, 5307, 5312, 5313, 5314, 5315, 5316, 5373  
KES 5609   Adv Practicum Kinesiology   A course which provides real world application of blank in a public or private setting. Limited to students in good academic standing who have completed 24 sch. in a kinesiology master of science program and who meet sufficient GPA requirements. Prerequisite: Advisor approval required.