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KES 2303   Nutrition    
KES 2311   Recreation & Leisure Serv   Introduction to recreation, includes brief historical backgrounds, professional opportunities, present status, past and present leaders. Role of leisure time in our social structure, professional responsibility, familiarization with current issues and trends, and professional literature. Lecture and filed trips.  
KES 2320   Foundations Adapt PE & R    
KES 2330   Leisure & Outdoor Rec   An overview of the role of the natural world in recreation and leisure services. The course will focus on values of outdoor recreation, outdoor education, adventure recreation, environmental impact, and the role of government in the provision of outdoor recreation.  
KES 2340   Prin of Ath Coaching    
KES 3302   Health and Aging    
KES 3303   Care & Prev Athl Injuries    
KES 3305   Physiology of Exercise    
KES 3313   Kines and Biomechanics    
KES 3316   River Rec & Water Safety   Acquiring an understanding and application of teaching basic paddling skills of water crafts (river board, kayaks, rafts, canoes, inflatables, etc.) Additional content includes: aspects of safety, river policy, history, culture, careers/guiding, equipment maintenance/storage, river camping and leadership. Field days required (3-5 days). Prerequisites: KES 2330  
KES 3318   Mountain Rec & Safety   This course will teach fundamentals of back country camping, orienteering, and basic rock climbing including equipment, climbing techniques, knots, belaying, and rappelling; emphasis on skills development, risk management, and leadership. This course will follow and promote industry safety standards and teach best practices. Instruction requires three to five full days of practical field application for hands-on experience. Prerequisites: KES 2330  
KES 3321   Recreation Admin    
KES 3330   Sustain Tourism & Com Rec   Course will analyze commercial recreation; economics, marketing, and financing commercial recreation endeavors; and assemble the various opportunities available in the commercial and private sector. Prerequisites: KES 2311  
KES 4303   Fitness Test and Exercise    
KES 4310   Program Plan & Eval    
KES 4312   Health Promotion at Work    
KES 4313   Legal and Ethical Issues    
KES 4316   Exer for Spec Populations    
KES 4360   Practicum in Kines    
KES 4361   Facilities Management    
KES 4361   Sports Marketing    
KES 4362   Senior Capstone: McNair    
KES 5305   Research Methods    
KES 5307   Issues in Sports Law    
KES 5312   Advanced Human Nutrition    
KES 5313   Phys & Human Performance    
KES 5314   Diagnostic Test & Meas    
KES 5315   Group Dynamics    
KES 5316   Motor Learn and Control    
KES 5373   Health and Human Behavior    
KES 5609   Adv Pract in Ex Science    
KES 5909   Practicum in Ex Science