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MGTA 3306   Principles of Management   MGTA 3306 Principles of Management (3-0). Introduction to basic management philosophy and decision-making processes; study of principles involved in the functions of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Equivalent courses: MGT 3360 (through Summer 2021), MGMT/MGT 3306 (through Summer 2022), MGTR 3306.  
MGTA 3322   Management Communication   MGTA 3322 Management Communication (3-0). The application of communication models and principals within organizations including leadership, coordination, control, and teams. Equivalent courses: GBA 4354 (through Summer 2014), MGMT 4322 (through Summer 2021), MGMT 3322 (through Summer 2022), MGT 4322 (through Summer 2022), MGTR 3322.  
MGTA 3363   Human Resource Management   MGTA 3363 Human Resource Management (3-0). Study of the human resources tasks and duties managers perform including: determining the organizations human resource needs; compensation; evaluation; benefits discipline; promotion; assignments; employee related legal matters records training privacy; policy application; and orientation. Equivalent courses: MGT 3363 (through Summer 2021).  
MGTA 4361   Organizational Behavior   MGTA 4361 Organizational Behavior (3-0). The study of inter-personal skills in organizations. The course provides the student with insights critical to management concerning individual processes social dynamics and organizational practices combined with knowledge of real work sensitivities demands and practices. Equivalent courses: MGT 4361 (through Summer 2022).  
MGTA 4362   Management of Small Business   MGTA 4362 Management of Small Business Enterprise (3-0). This course offers a practical approach to planning organizing and running a small business. It explains how to achieve optimum benefits from the limited resources available to small firms as well as how to plan for growth and succession in a business. It also explores arguments both for and against owning a small business. The focus is on the start-up and operation of small business. Through the creation of a business plan the student will examine the functions of business as they pertain to small business endeavors. Equivalent courses: MGT 4362 (through Summer 2022).  
MGTA 5304   Seminar in Management   MGTA 5304 Seminar in Management (3-0). The study of the management process of planning, organizing, controlling, etc, based on extensive reading and case problem analysis. Equivalent courses: MGT/MGMT 5304 (through Summer 2022), MGTR 5304.  
MGTA 5312   International Management   MGTA 5312 International Management (3-0). A study of the objectives and strategies of international business with an emphasis on the economic analysis of international business strategy formulation. Equivalent courses: MGT 5312 (through Summer 2022).