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MKT 3307   Principles of Marketing   MKT 3307 Principles of Marketing (3-0). Studies the place of marketing in our economic structure; the present marketing structures and the formulation by management of marketing policies and procedures aimed at satisfying consumer needs.  
MKT 3370   Princples of Marketing    
MKT 3372   Sales Management    
MKT 4371   Retailing Management    
MKT 4379   Business Capstone   Application of strategic business tools and techniques across all business functions to respond effectively to industry and marketplace needs. Recognition of both internal and external variables in formulating business strategies will be considered. Course content may involve the use of a computerized business simulation, strategic cases, articles and/or text material. Business Administration students are encouraged to take this course no sooner than the senior year. Prerequisites: Business Major - Senior standing  
MKT 5303   International Marketing    
MKT 5305   Seminar in Marketing