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MKTG 3307   Principles Of Marketing    
MKTG 3309   Foundations of Marketing   MKTG 3309 Foundations of Marketing (3-0). An elective course in marketing designed to expand the choice for students who may desire to pursue an emphasis in the marketing area within the business administration program.  
MKTG 3317   Promotion    
MKTG 3318   Consumer Behavior    
MKTG 4310   CT :Strategic Marketing   MKTG 4310 (3-0). An elective marketing course designed to expand students? basic knowledge and skills beyond the Principles of Marketing course. The course will focus on readings and discussions addressing current topics in consumer marketing. May be repeated for credit when course topic changes.  
MKTG 4349   Marketing Communications   An elective marketing course intended for students interested in expanding their marketing knowledge and skills beyond Principles of Marketing. Explores changes in technology, buyer behavior, economic cycles and industry performance that impact the ways in which organizations communicate with target markets. Prerequisite: MKTG 3307  
MKTG 5305   Seminar In Marketing    
MKTG 5306   Brand Management