NUR 3540

NUR 3540 Comprehensive Patient Assessment in Rural Border Communities (2-12). This course addresses techniques and application of bio-psycho-socio-behavioral and cultural principles of assessment applicable across the life span for individuals with health care needs in rural/border communities. This educational process links previous basic knowledge and experience with concepts skill to utilize diagnostic tools and equipment therapeutic communication skills body systems assessment screenings diagnostic data pathophysiologic knowledge and standardized data scales to obtain a comprehensive patient assessment. Assessment techniques will be applied in all areas of nursing including obstetrics pediatrics geriatrics medical-0surgical patients mental health and acute care. Classroom laboratory and on-line experiences will be utilized throughout the semester.

Fall 2022

Assessment Ru/Bor Comm   Section 001   Rebecca Lewis
Assessment Ru/Bor Comm Lab   Section L01   Yolanda Jurado
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Fall 2021

Assessment Ru/Bor Comm   Section 001   Laura Gesick