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PS 2305   Federal Government   PS 2305 (GOVT 2305) Federal Government (3-0). A required course in United States Government. Equivalent courses: PS 2302 (through Summer 2003)  
PS 2306   State Government   PS 2306 (GOVT 2306) State Government (3-0). A required course in Texas Government. Equivalent courses: PS 2301 (through Summer 2003)  
PS 3300   The Study of Politics   PS 3300 The Study of Politics (3-0). An introduction to the major concepts that underlie politics. Topics include democracy political ideologies and regimes structures of governments.  
PS 3303   Public Policy   PS 3303 Public Policy (3-0). An introduction to public policy making in the United States. Includes stages of the policy making process and theoretical basis of public policy as well as special focus on selected policies. May be repeated for credit when policy focus varies. Equivalent course: POLS 3303.  
PS 3306   International Relations   PS 3306 International Relations (3-0). The theory and practice of international relations with particular attention to the forces and processes contributing to conflict and cooperation among nations. Equivalent course: POLS 3306.  
PS 3307   Contemp Amer Foreign Policy   PS 3307 Contemporary American Foreign Policy (3-0). This course involves the study of policies and problems in the foreign relations of the United States since World War II. Included are studies in the politics formulation conduct and consequences of American foreign policy.  
PS 3308   The Presidency    
PS 3312   State & Local Government   PS 3312 State and Local Government (3-0). A study of the organization functions and powers of state and county government in the United States with particular reference to patterns of state and local government in Texas. Comparative focus on the state level. Emphasis may be on politics or administration or both. May include topics such as home rule problems in International Relations community power structures change and reform efforts politics of education and school districts local government elites.  
PS 3315   Women and Politics   PS 3315 Women and Politics (3-0). Women's roles in politics at national state and local levels as they reflect the economic legal social status of women; also an overview of related political issues important concepts events and movements. Equivalent course: POLS 3315.  
PS 4308   Readings & Research   PS 4308 Readings and Research (0-3). Selected readings or research projects to be offered as individual study to meet student needs. May be repeated once for credit with departmental approval. Equivalent course: POLS 4308.  
PS 4311   Native American Politics    
PS 4312   Field Experience in Pol Sci   PS 4312 Field Experience in Political Science (3-0). In this course the student is placed in a supervised setting within a government office or an agency with a governmental mission. Approval of department chair is required. May be repeated for credit with departmental approval.  
PS 5303   Public Administration Survey   PS 5303 Public Administration Survey (3-0). The conduct of public business by organized agencies at national state and local levels. (Public Administration). Equivalent course: POLS 5303.  
PS 5305   Readings & Research in Govt   PS 5305 Readings and Research in Government (3-0). A readings and research course for graduate students in political science designated to meet needs not provided for in other available courses. May be repeated for credit with the approval of the department.  
PS 5307   Scope & Methods in Soc Sci   PS 5307 Scope and Methods in Social Science (3-0). An introduction to the subject matter of the social sciences and the major contemporary approaches to it. This course is cross referenced with Criminal Justice 5334. Equivalent course: POLS 5307.  
PS 5309   Internship in Public Admin   PS 5309 Internship in Public Administration (3-0). Students who enroll in this course are involved in work experience in public or non-profit agencies. Permission of the department chairman required. Academic and work experience evaluations. Maximum of six semester credit hours allowed toward degree requirements. (Public Administration). Equivalent courses: POLS 5309  
PS 5310   Public Budgeting & Finance   PS 5310 Public Budgeting and Finance (3-0). Focuses on the development and execution of various budgeting systems with special attention given to the political content of the budgetary process in the public sector. (Public Administration). Equivalent courses: POLS 5310  
PS 5311   Intergovernmental Relations   PS 5311 Intergovernmental Relations (3-0). A study of governmental relations among public administrators at various levels?national, state, regional, local?focusing on interactions among these public officials. (Public Administration). Equivalent courses: POLS 5311  
PS 5313   Public Policy Analysis   PS 5313 Public Policy Analysis (3-0). Focuses on techniques used in policy development, adoption, and evaluation in the public sector. Topics include policy reviews, needs assessment, the establishment of goals and objectives, and the analysis of benefits, costs, and risks. (Public Administration). Equivalent courses: POLS 5313  
PS 5315   Local Government Admin    
PS 5316   Grant Writing and Management   PS 5316 Special Topics in Public Administration (3-0). Special courses in Public Administration not included in the regular curriculum. May be repeated for credit with departmental approval. (Public Administration)  
PS 5316   Special Topic in Public Admin    
PS 5317   Contemp Amer For Policy    
PS 5317   Seminar in US Government   PS 5317 Seminar in U.S. Government (3-0). Course focuses on selected topics in U.S. Government. May be repeated when topic varies.  
PS 6301   Thesis Proposal   PS 6301 Thesis (0-6). Satisfactory completion of this course will result in an acceptable prospectus presented to the Graduate Committee. The student will normally register for this course no earlier than the second semester of graduate study. The student will enroll each semester or summer term in which assistance is provided by Committee members or when use of the library or other research facilities of Sul Ross State University is made. Equivalent courses: POLS 6301