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PSCH 3301   Social Psychology    
PSCH 3302   Personality Psychology   PSCH 3302 Personality Psychology (3-0). An introduction to personality theory, important personality theorists, and the significant factors in the development of personality across the life span. Prerequisite: Psychology 1302 or the equivalent, or consent of instructor.  
PSCH 3303   Positive Psychology   PSCH 3303 Positive Psychology (3-0). Positive psychology is the scientific study of the human mental strengths and virtues that allow people and communities to thrive. Topics such as optimism, hope, meaning, wisdom, transcendence, and courage are covered. Theoretical concepts including the broaden-and-build theory of emotions, self-efficacy, mindfulness, flow, learned optimism, social capital, and affective forecasting are addressed. Equivalent courses: PSY 3303  
PSCH 3304   Abnormal Psychology   PSCH 3304 Abnormal Psychology (3-0). An investigation of behavioral disorders and the biological and social factors which may affect them. Prerequisite: Psychology 1302 or the equivalent, or consent of instructor.  
PSCH 3306   Child Development   PSCH 3306 Child Development (3-0). This course presents the major theories of child development and the milestones of physical, psychosocial, and cognitive development from the prenatal period through adolescence. Students identify the characteristics of play and its impact, describe the social development of children and adolescents, and understand the effects of a broad range of developmental influences. Equivalent courses: PSY 3306  
PSCH 3309   Psychology of Learning   PSCH 3309 Psychology of Learning (3-0). A review of animal and human research involving explanations of learning in everyday life which includes how the consequences of behavior affect future actions. Prerequisite: Psychology 1302 or the equivalent, or consent of instructor.  
PSCH 3310   Study Of Alcohol & Drug Prob    
PSCH 3311   Health Psychology   PSCH 3311 Health Psychology (3-0). This course is concerned with how psychology is related to health and illness. Issues addressed include seeking appropriate health care and adhering to medical advice, the effects of stress and how to manage stress, health habits such as proper nutrition and exercise, health problems such as obesity and substance abuse, and psychological responses to illness. Recommended for students in allied health fields. Prerequisite: Psychology 1302 or the equivalent, or consent of instructor.  
PSCH 3312   Human Sexuality    
PSCH 3315   Developmental Psychology   PSCH 3315 Developmental Psychology (3-0). The study of the developing human from birth to death, including physical, cognitive, emotional, and moral development. Prerequisite: Psychology 1302 or the equivalent, or consent of instructor.  
PSCH 3320   Cultural Psychology   PSCH 3320 Cultural Psychology(3-0). This course will concentrate on the study of behavior, cognition, and emotion in settings where people of different backgrounds interact, and on differences in behavior, cognition, and emotion that are correlated with cultural background. The material in this course is interconnected with many other areas in psychology, including developmental, abnormal, and social psychology.  
PSCH 4302   Industrial-Organizational Psy   PSCH 4302 Industrial-Organizational Psychology (3-0). Basic psychological principles of personnel work in business and industry. Significance and evaluation of individual differences, motivation, morale, and employer-employee relations. Equivalent courses: PSY 4302  
PSCH 4305   Gerontology   PSCH 4305 Gerontology (3-0). A survey of the issues relating to aging including family dynamics, retirement adjustments, legislation, mental health and physical health. Equivalent courses: PSY 4305  
PSCH 4310   ST: Overcoming Anxiety & Depre   PSCH 4310 Special Topics (3-0). Selected topics in psychology which are of particular interests to students of psychology. The course may be repeated for different topics. Prerequisite: Psychology 1302 or the equivalent, or consent of instructor.  
PSCH 4313   Forensic Psychology    
PSCH 4325   Cognitive Psychology   PSCH 4325 Cognitive Psychology (3-0). Introduces the study of human cognitive processes and covers perception, attention, memory, language, problem solving, reasoning, and decision-making. Focuses on basic research and theory in cognitive psychology but also considers their implications for everyday applications such as effective learning and retention, multitasking, and eyewitness testimony. Equivalent courses: PSY 4325  
PSCH 4330   Research in Psychology    
PSCH 4335   History of Psychology   Intended for students nearing graduation, this course is an overview of the history of psychological thought, with an emphasis on the advancement of investigative methods used in psychological research. The course traces modern psychology?s origins from its beginnings in philosophy, through its 19th century development as a basic science, to its current status as a multifaceted applied science. Prerequisite: senior-level status.