Via Faculty Assembly Vice President, Dr. Theron Francis:

SRSU faculty,

Please nominate yourselves for university committees and councils for the upcoming academic year.

  • Email me the committees and councils you would like to join. Let me (Theron) know now which committees you want to be on!!!
  • Tell me the maximum number of committees/councils you are willing to serve on.
  • Rank committees/councils in order of preference.
  • Highlight your name if you add it to the attached spreadsheet [which you received via email].

The charges of SR committees and councils are available on the Faculty Assembly website. The following pages show current membership and upcoming vacancies.

Empty cells in [the spreadsheet attached via email] show committee positions which will be available September 30, 2019. Italicized positions are becoming open at the end of the 2018-19 academic year.

We may receive more nominations than we have open seats. In those cases, the Faculty Assembly Executive Council will attempt to select individuals to provide representation of colleges, departments and ranks across campus.

Arts & Science Executive Council Member-at-Large Position

If you are in Arts & Sciences, consider running for the member-at-large position of the Assembly’s Executive Council. We will vote to fill the position at Monday, April 1 meeting.  Please nominate yourself.

Your service is appreciated.


Theron Francis, PhD

Faculty Assembly Executive Council