Instructional Technology Advisory Team


The Instructional Technology Team acts as an instructional technology steering committee, reporting to the Chief Information Officer (CIO.)


  • Provide guidance to the CIO on important technology trends that impact teaching and learning methods
  • Recommend and prioritize technology changes by reviewing academic technology proposals and other suggestions submitted to the Office of Information Technology
  • Evaluate and suggest modifications to technology policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines that affect teaching and learning

Primary Responsibility Area: University-wide


Dominick Percoco, Chair Academic Technology & Teleconferencing Coordinator ex-officio
George Hernandez Director of OIT for Rio Grande College ex-officio
Dr. Ester Daganzo-Cantens Faculty Assembly Appointee from the College of Literature Arts & Social Science through 2025
Dr. Jennifer Miller Faculty Assembly Appointee from the College of Education & Professional Studies through 2023
Jesse Kelsch Faculty Assembly Appointee from the College of Agriculture, Life & Physical Sciences through 2024
Dr. Gina Stocks Faculty Senate Appointee from Rio Grande College through 2024
Tim Parsons Instructional Services Appointee
Mike Fernandez Library Appointee

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Minutes March 12, 2022