Lobo Legacy Committee

About the Committee

This committee meets weekly beginning in October 2020 through December 14, 2020. The Committee is made up of Alpine and RGC subcommittees. As a whole, the Committee is charged with reviewing the contributions of individuals in both regional, local, and Sul Ross history for whom places, rooms, or facilities on our campuses might justifiably be named.

Primary Responsibility Area: Alpine and RGC independently

Alpine Membership

Dr. Mark Saka, Chair
Dr. Rosemary Briseño
Julie Vega
Diana Rodriguez
Dr. Sean Graham
Candes Ramón
Antuan Washington
Sedia Woods, Student Appointee
Jace Perkins, Student Appointee
Elidia Polanco, Community Member

RGC membership

Dr. Jorge Garza, Chair
Dr. Miriam Muñiz-Quiz
Dr. Michael Ortíz
Dr. Sally Roche
Dr. Susan Land
Victor Ortíz, Student Appointee
Rowland Garza, Community Member

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