Jesse Moore Kelsch

Instructor of Geology

Curriculum Vitæ

Biology, Geology & Physical Science
WSB 316   C-64
432 837 8657

My primary field of research and teaching is Structural Geology, or the deformation (smooshing, stretching, breaking, folding...) recorded in the rocks of Earth's outer layer as a result of plate-tectonic stresses.  Currently I'm conducting a kinematic analysis of faults of the southern segment of the Rio Grande rift in Trans-Pecos Texas and northern Chihuahua, toward comparing the rock deformation in this segment of the rift with its northern counterpart in New Mexico. My results will have implications for (1) patterns in rocks that help with exploration of resources including ground water, and (2) what kind of continental rift this is, and maybe even what's happening in the mantle or far-afield to make it happen.  This research is part of a PhD study through the University of Texas at El Paso, from whom I'll receive a PhD for this and other research projects in late 2023. I have plenty of ideas for field-based research projects at the undergraduate and graduate levels within these and other areas of study. If you are an incoming graduate student, or a transferring undergraduate interested in doing research, contact me by email to talk about possible research projects. 


I also have great interest in science education in general and Geoscience Education in particular, and am an active member of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers.  

Additionally, I serve on the board of the local nonprofit Alpine Humane Society.  

Spring 2023

GEOL 3402 001   Structural Geology        
GEOL 3402 L01   Structural Geology Lab        

Fall 2022

SCED 3308 001   Foundatns of Elementary Sci. I        
SCED 3308 VMC   Foundatns of Elementary Sci. I        
SCER 3308 H01   Foundatns of Elementary Sci. I        
SCER 3308 H02   Foundatns of Elementary Sci. I        
SCER 3308 H03   Foundatns of Elementary Sci. I        

Summer 2022

GEOL 4301 101   McNair Research:Fault Geochron        
GEOL 4301 102   McNair Research: Fault Strain        

Spring 2022

GEOL 3402 001   Structural Geology        
GEOL 3402 MC1   Structural Geology        

Fall 2021

GEOL 1103 L01   Physical Geology Lab        
GEOL 1103 L03   Physical Geology Lab        
GEOL 1303 001   Physical Geology        
GEOL 1303 002   Physical Geology        
GEOL 5306 001   Advanced Structural Methods