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Justin Coleman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Curriculum Vitæ

RGC Natural and Behavioral Sciences
B-102   3107 Bob Rodgers Drive
(830) 758-5005

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I received my B.A. in psychology, magna cum laude, from California State University, Los Angeles. I received my M.A. and Ph.D. (both in cognitive psychology) from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Spring 2021

PSCH 3304 Z01   Psychology of Learning        
 | Student Evaluation
PSCH 3307 Z01   Adult Development        
 | Student Evaluation
PSCH 3309 W01   Educational Psychology        
 | Student Evaluation
PSCH 4325 Z01   Cognitive Psychology        
 | Student Evaluation

Fall 2020

PSCH 3306 W01   Child Development        
PSCH 3308 W01   Psychology of Adjustment        
PSCH 3312 W01   Human Sexuality        
PSCH 4330 Z01   Research in Psychology