Maureen Frank

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitæ

Natural Resource Management
RAS 113   C-16
(432) 837-8826

Originally from Colorado, Dr. Maureen Frank first came to Texas for her undergraduate degree. After graduating with a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology from Texas A&M University in 2012, she moved to Logan, Utah for graduate school. Her dissertation focused on the ecology of 3 migratory waterbirds – eared grebes, Wilson’s phalaropes, and red-necked phalaropes – that rely on Great Salt Lake as a staging area before flying south for the winter. She graduated from Utah State University with her Ph.D. in 2016 and returned to Texas to work for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service as a Wildlife Extension Specialist. Dr. Frank's extension work focused mainly on non-game species and helping small-acreage landowners understand wildlife management options. She was also involved in efforts to connect landowners with ecotourism opportunities such as birding. In her current role with the Borderlands Research Institute, Dr. Frank's primary interest remains connecting people to the land in a way that encourages conservation, and her research interests include grassland bird research, working lands conservation, and science communication.

Spring 2024

NRM 5321 W01   Wildlife & Society        
 | Student Evaluation
NRM 5322 W01   Sustainability        
 | Student Evaluation

Fall 2023

NRM 5324 W01   Conservation Biology        
NRM 6301 101   Thesis Proposal        
 | Student Evaluation
STAT 3308 001   Agricultural Statistics        

Spring 2023

NRM 4302 001   Adv Topics Conservation Biol        
NRM 5321 W01   Wildlife & Society